Our beautiful morals.. 5 tips for teaching your child honesty and telling the truth

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One of the most important things that you must teach children is honesty. Telling the truth will save your child from many problems. Honesty is one of the characteristics that we expect in every member of our society. However, this is rarely taught to children directly, so the seventh day reviews through the lines The following are 5 ways to teach your child honesty and telling the truth, according to what was indicated by the psychologist Muhammad Mustafa.

Do not test your child:

Avoid asking questions that give your child an opportunity to lie. For example, if you see your child spilling juice on the floor, there is no need to ask him, did you spill the juice? Giving them a chance to tell the truth.

keep your promises

If you want your children to trust you, then you have to fulfill your promises. This teaches children that their words are sacred, so they do not break their promises. For this to happen, you must apply it first to reflect on your child..

Enough telling the truth:

We as parents are quick to scold our children at times, but in fact you should always rush to praise the child, as you have to reward the child through praise and hugs, which increases the child’s self-confidence and enhances his positive behavior.

Join children’s imagination:

The fastest way to educate children is through imaginary play, where parents can help their children and connect them to reality by entering with them in the year of imagination, by modifying and directing their erroneous ideas through imaginary play.

When children lie, don’t get angry.

The best way for parents to teach children honesty, to direct them to tell the truth, is by speaking and listening, not by punishing them. When children lie, many parents’ anger is a natural reaction. But that won’t help children learn honesty and the importance of being honest. By simply discussing with your child instead of getting angry, you can guide them to understand why they are lying and encourage them to be honest.

Teach the child honesty
Child rearing
Child rearing
Tips for raising your child to tell the truth
Tips for raising your child to tell the truth


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