In order to know how to eat at your convenience.. Researchers reveal a type of biscuit that does not dissolve in tea

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Many people around the world prefer to dip a piece of biscuit in tea, whether plain or with some milk added to it, but they face a problem that makes them unable to feel the enjoyment while drinking tea, which is the melting of the biscuit piece in the tea as soon as it is dipped.

To treat this general problem that many face when eating breakfast, scientists searched for the best type of biscuit to dip in tea, and finally it was published in the medical journal. BMJ Some scientists have concluded that oatmeal biscuits are the best types of biscuits, which remain solid for some time when dipped in tea, according to the British Daily Mail website.

Oatmeal cookies

The report, published in the medical journal, indicated that oatmeal biscuits take 29 seconds to disintegrate when dipped in a cup of hot tea, unlike tea biscuits, which cannot stand for two seconds without melting..

Biscuit dipped in tea
Biscuit dipped in tea

And the researchers came to this conclusion after they put four types of biscuits in the tea. “This started as a joke, but it turned into scientific research,” said Ciri Jones, a co-author of the study from Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital, University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff. From today, especially when you get a mental break, so people don’t want crackers to ruin it by falling into a cup or spilling tea on their shirt…We now know that crackers are less likely to break with oatmeal, but it hasn’t changed.”

tea biscuit
tea biscuit

The study looked at biscuits that did not contain chocolate, and excluded the stuffed biscuits, and the oatmeal biscuit came in the lead, as it took 34 seconds before it collapsed in the cup after immersion, and it also contained 70 calories. The study concluded that allocating time for a cup of tea is a ritual My daily life is important, and should be encouraged to help improve the mood and performance of healthcare workers.


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