In order to go back to studying.. A father hires a professional gamer to defeat his child who is addicted to video games

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Video games are generally harmless if played in moderation, but in many cases children nowadays become so obsessed with these artificial virtual worlds that they begin to ignore their real lives, school, and even their families, and it may be a challenge to get them back on track. real.

And many parents resort to desperate measures. In China, for example, some have used infiltration techniques such as hiring skilled gamers to win their children into their favorite video games and persuade them to quit. One “video game pro” recently revealed that he was paid by the father of a young gamer to defeat him. in his favorite video game and made him question his actual skills, according to beforeitsnews.

A father treats his son from video game addiction in an innovative way

According to StarVideoThe parents of the young boy said that he used to be a model student and an obedient child until the fourth grade, after which video games changed him completely, and the boy now devoted most of his time to online video games and dreamed of becoming a professional gamer and supporting himself by doing what he loves most His parents could accept that, but they couldn’t talk to him about it either, so they decided someone else would do the convincing.

Video games

A professional gamer involved in keeping children away from video games

It is unclear how the parents communicated with the “professional gamer”, but he claims they agreed to pay his fee of 50 yuan ($7.2 an hour) to challenge their son to his favorite video game and completely crush his confidence in his skills. The anonymous player even posted screenshots of his conversation. With the boy’s parents as evidence.

The skilled player said that he played with the boy 5 matches over the course of 5 hours, and took his time in the first match, trying to tire his opponent, and then crush him in the next 4 matches, according to his parents’ desire, it seems that the games were so one-sided that the boy no longer wanted to Playing, confidence in his skills as a player was shaken enough that his parents were able to convince him of the need to focus more on his studies to build his skills in the future.

The young video game professional claims that he has so far helped two families recover their game-addicted children by defeating them in their favorite games and crushing their confidence, adding that this made him feel accomplished.


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