How to make Cinnabon with easy ingredients

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Cinnabon is considered one of the winter sweets that can be eaten as a kind of light food that helps keep warm. It can be prepared with more than one flavor according to desire, so “The Seventh Day” reviews with Chef Mai Siam how to make Cinnabon with cinnamon and nuts.

How to make Cinnabon with cinnamon and nuts:

the ingredients

4 a cup of flour

2 an egg


A quarter cup of sugar

70 grams of butter

Half a cup of milk

Half a cup of melted water with a tablespoon of instant yeast

A tablespoon of baking powder


Brown or regular sugar

1 tablespoon cocoa optional

How to prepare cinnabon

Beat eggs, vanilla and milk

Then add the butter, stirring well

Then add flour, baking powder and water with yeast

Then knead all the ingredients in an easy way, keeping track of the amount of water that can be added until you get an easy-to-form dough

Then leave it inside a bowl greased with butter and a sprinkle of flour and leave for an hour until it ferments.

After completing the fermentation stage, form the dough Then wipe it with butter, then put the filling consisting of cinnamon mixed with sugar and cocoa.

Then roll it up and cut it to the desired size.

Then put it in a tray greased with ghee or oil and let it ferment for half an hour.

Then put it in a preheated oven at 200 degrees.

How to make the sauce:

the ingredients

4 Cheese cubes

A quarter cup of sugar

Half a cup of cream

Beat all the ingredients, then add the vanilla

It is possible to use cheese with local condensed milk

Then put caramel sauce or chocolate and nuts

The way Cinnabon works
Cinnamon ingredients
Cinnamon ingredients
How to prepare cinnabon
How to prepare cinnabon


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