Games Day.. Know the importance of playing for a child at different stages of his life

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Play has a major role in the child’s life and contributes to the formation of his feelings and ways of thinking since infancy, in addition to the role of play in acquiring some different skills such as climbing and holding toys in his hands that help him to synergize the hands and help him in motor growth and language development by practicing play and recognizing things, Then come the stages of his life, so, while the Games Day is celebrated, the seventh day reviews in the following lines the importance of playing for the child in the different stages of the child’s life, according to what Shaima Iraqi, a behavior modification consultant, indicated.

Kindergarten stage:

The behavior modification consultant told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “Kindergarten is one of the most important stages in a child’s life.

Childhood :

She continued: “The childhood stage is that stage of comprehensive development through comprehensive preparation, where the child is allowed to experience with those around him from the emotional world around him, and he enters play as an important content for events that harmonize the child’s needs with what he should acquire in the stages of his development, and play is a basic requirement for the growth of children.” The child because it plays an important role in cognitive, sensory, social, and emotional development, as play allows supporting his creativity through the growth of imagination and physical, cognitive, and emotional dexterity. Through play, he integrates and interacts with his surroundings in the early years, helps him discover his world around him, and controls his his fears by playing adult roles.

She explained: “Play makes him control his world to face challenges, and undirected play helps him prepare for playing in groups, helps him learn how to negotiate, learns to solve conflicts and problems, learns participation as an opportunity for social interaction, and helps in emotional maturity.”

And she emphasized: “Play also helps to drain excess energy, achieve integration between the bodily’s motor, emotional and mental functions. Socially, it helps in teaching order and group spirit. Play contributes to children developing their imagination and their physical, cognitive and emotional skills. It helps neurological maturation and the growth of mental abilities.” Learn self-defense skills, play eliminates boredom, help refine the child’s personality, raise the level of perseverance and defense, positive reinforcement by encouraging play helps him acquire skills such as organization and arrangement, preparation for life and skills training, without playing he becomes selfish, narrow-minded, unlovable, He learns through playing give and take, gets rid of self-centeredness, and learns to take turns

Types of play:

The educational pillars have an important role in shaping and playing methods for the child Where its diversity and division contribute to the cognitive and behavioral growth of children, and therefore the kindergarten is keen to have a part of the educational pillars:

Role-playing games:

In which the child learns to role-play the characters and their ways of life

Auto games:

Automatic games where play is free without individual play rules

Synthetic games:

Synthetic games from 5 to 6 years The child places objects next to each other and the child develops developmentallyAlso, multiple stages that suit the child’s growth stages, such as using metal, plastic, and wood for the child to build a house or something else, physical and kinetic play, needs toys and tools for muscle development such as swings and jumping places, creative play, junkyard, search and exploration corner from corners that help How to acquire experiences and enhance new skills for research, the construction and demolition corner with cubes, installation and disassembly, the library corner and quietness that allows him to read and read, the computer and electronic games corner has become a necessity to enhance communication and training in using the computer.

Playing with children
World Play Day
World Play Day
The importance of playing
The importance of playing


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