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There are some men who suffer from wrong dealings with their life partner, which sometimes leads to separation, and the search for a way to distance him, as a result of some words or questions that may cause the beloved to be disturbed, and these words may also be harmful in one way or another to any woman they deal with, not There is no doubt that these questions come as a result of this man wanting to know more about the life of this woman, whether for the sake of knowledge or curiosity, or that he intends to associate with her, but he is surprised by her shock and ending the dialogue or changing the speech or withdrawing immediately, according to the site “theadultmaTalking is the best way to get to know others, but there are questions that should not be asked to any woman, which The Seventh Day reviews as follows:

You look different today, why is that?

This sentence is said by many men as a kind of praise for the appearance of the woman with whom he deals, it is likely that it is not a good idea, as many girls will consider it as bad, or it previously appeared in an ugly way, which enters anger inside her, but that you have noticed the change, this is something Well, you can express the beauty of this change by saying, for example: “I love this dress, is it new?”, “Your hairstyle is beautiful and distinctive.” These sentences are said if there is a kind of friendliness and pre-conversation between you and the other party so that they do not accept rejection.

embarrassing questions

You look tired today, didn’t you sleep well at night?

This question only indicates that her look is tired and her appearance is not suitable, and this is what causes her feelings to be hurt and makes her feel as if you think that she is unattractive. Instead, you can say: “Tell me how your past few days have been”, “Do you need help from me”, And if you are afraid to talk, you can end the interview quickly to give her the opportunity to rest.

Embarrassing questions
Embarrassing questions

How old are you?

This question can be asked to a girl who has not exceeded the age of 25, because she will like the question, but if it is asked to a girl who appears to be over 30, then this indicates that she looks old and this has appeared on her features, and this question has no alternative unless she herself says her age for you.

question about age
question about age

what do you want us to do?

Girls always seek to find a man who leads the relationship, even when she participates, she feels that she does not bear the burden of thinking, so there is no objection to developing more than one plan and presenting it to her and making her choose, and she is not the one who determines everything.

acquaintance time
acquaintance time

are you pregnant?

This question is difficult for a woman, especially if she is not pregnant, as this indicates that she is obviously overweight or obese for you, and this is what worries many women the most. This cannot be said, whether seriously or just for “joking” or joking.


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