7 eco-friendly uses for orange peel.. from polishing to repelling insects

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No one can deny the amazing health benefits of oranges, especially in the winter due to the vitamin they contain Cwhich helps the body resist winter diseases, but with the large amount that is purchased, you find the trash of your home full of orange peel, without any other use, although there are many, many uses of orange peel, which can be reviewed by “The Seventh Day” So as not to throw them away again and how to use them positively according to “kidspot” As follows:

Use it as a flavor in your meals

Orange peels can be grated and placed in cakes, in salad dressings, on cheese, on dinner toast toasted in butter, or with basmati rice to add flavor and color.

Orange peel

Eliminate sugar moisture

Dry orange peels can be placed in sugar storage drawers, and a piece of peel can be placed between each bag and another. This prevents the sugar from clumping from the humidity of the air, as the oils in the peel help draw moisture from the sugar and prevent it from solidifying.

orange peel
orange peel

Flavoring of olive oil

Orange peels can be soaked in olive oil to be used later when preparing salads or cheeses, or added to sautéed vegetables, which increases the taste of food that is pleasant and popular for everyone.

Orange peel
Orange peel

Use orange peel to clean the house

Orange peels can be used to get rid of the grease on the kitchen hood and on the ceramics next to the stove. Natural oils are an ideal cleaner for removing grease. It also removes traces of water stains on kitchen and bathroom faucets. You can rub them directly with it to polish it until it shines. Used to polish wood, brighten dull wood furniture.


Make an orange peel candle

The orange peel can be turned into a candle container into which the melted wax can be poured after mixing it with orange or clove oil, placing the wick in it and using it after the wax hardens.


Natural insect repellent

To get rid of insects, take fresh orange peels and rub them all over your skin to repel mosquitoes and mosquitoes, as they do not like the smell of oranges. As for using them as an ant repellent, you can put orange peels in the area where ants come frequently, and you will notice that the ants will move away from this area permanently, and they will not return again. .

Insect repellent
Insect repellent

Body scrub

You can wrap orange peels in gauze and rub them on your skin during the shower to lighten the skin, and you can dry them, rub them, and put them in a bath soap, as it works as a moisturizer, softener, and body perfume.


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