4 different ideas for serving strawberries to your kids… from tart to yogurt

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Strawberry is one of the delicious winter fruits, which you rarely find a person who does not love it, whether big or small, not only for its distinctive taste, which differs from other fruits, but also it is rich in more health benefits, which makes the mother prefer to offer it to her children instead of sweets and canned food. ready-made food, but as usual, children do not like to repeat a certain food, even if they love it, so there are many ideas that the seventh day presents to offer your children strawberries in various forms such as whipped cream, jam, or pudding and many other ways, according to the “Seventh Day” website.momjunction” As follows:

Strawberry and cream cheese tart

All you will need is to prepare the tart and bake it, or you can replace it by breaking some plain biscuits with the addition of a spoonful of butter and spreading it on the tray like a tart, mixing the cheese with sugar with an electric whisk, then distributing the mixture on the tart, and then distributing strawberry slices on top, then decorating with chocolate .

the strawberry

Strawberry cupcake

After preparing the cupcakes in the usual way, which is mixing a cup of flour with sugar and baking powder, adding a cube of butter and stirring the mixture well, put 3 eggs one after the other gradually, then add a cup of milk and the mixture becomes ready for baking, mash the strawberries with a fork, then put With it a little vanilla, milk and whipping cream, and stir well until the mixture becomes creamy, then decorate the cupcakes with strawberry cream and then with fresh strawberry pieces.


Strawberry Smoothie and Fresh

Strawberry juice can be prepared in more than one way, by beating strawberries with more bee honey or sugar for sweetening, or replacing water with regular milk or coconut milk, or replacing them with ice to make a “smoothie”, with frozen strawberry pieces as well, or adding more other fruits like pineapple, or orange.


Frozen yogurt with strawberry and chocolate pieces

What you need is sliced ​​​​strawberry cubes, with sugar and milk, and pieces of raw chocolate, then the strawberries are hit in the mixture, or mashed with a fork, then sugar and milk are added to it, then the mixture enters the refrigerator for at least an hour, then add the mixture to the ice cream maker and make ice Cream, and after it is ready, grate the chocolate to decorate the yogurt cups.

winter fruit
winter fruit


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