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We console ourselves with the nation’s martyrs and demand the government to handle the crisis wisely (witness)

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publish date 2022-12-20 14:40:06

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The spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Muath al-Khawaldeh, offered condolences to the martyrs of the homeland who died during the unfortunate events in the past days, describing the scene as “sad and painful” for all the Jordanian people.

Al-Khawaldeh also called on the government, in an intervention on Yarmouk TV, to deal wisely in resolving the crisis and getting out of it in a way in which everyone is a winner when the supreme national interest is upheld.

He said: It was a painful and sad day for all the Jordanian people, and this day we saw blood being spilled, from the men of the homeland and from those who bewitch the security and protection of the homeland from our brothers in the security services. Which we believe does not belong to the guidance of our true religion.

Al-Khawaldeh continued by saying: I repeat my condolence and condolences to ourselves and all the Jordanian people, and then in particular to the families and families of the martyrs.

He also described the scene as “delicate and dangerous” at the same time, stressing that it needs everyone to stand by it with reason, great wisdom, and great wisdom in dealing with the event, and today we are talking about a number of martyrs after the martyr al-Dalabeh, may God have mercy on him.

He pointed out, “It is unfortunate that these crises that the country is going through reach bloodshed, as there are those who try to disturb the general national peace and try to tamper with the national scene.”

Al-Khawaldeh continued by saying: Undoubtedly, the Jordanian people and all the people of the country have the right to express their opinion by all peaceful means, and this is what we witnessed in the previous days in many parts of the country in Ma’an and elsewhere, and we witnessed a peaceful popular movement demanding legitimate demands.

He said: But what happened is a departure from this pattern, and what is required today is that there be clear official answers about these parties that are trying to shuffle the cards in the national political scene, and are trying to harm the entire scene.

He stressed that it harms the protesters and those with legitimate claims, and harms the official and popular national scene in general.

He explained that what is required today from the official authorities and the decision-maker is to refer to these authorities and determine who is responsible and who these suspicious fingers that work to shed blood and shuffle the cards in the national scene.

Al-Khawaldeh said: We need guidance in dealing with our crises, as the official scene seemed confused after the days that passed in this crisis. The government must deal rationally with the demands of the protesters and that there be a national way out that overcomes this crisis and in which everyone is a winner and there is no loser when the homeland wins when advance the supreme national interest.

He concluded his speech by saying: We need an official initiative from the decision-maker to end this crisis, and stop the snowball rolling, so that we do not reach a stage where regret is useless, and the situation is unfortunate for all the Jordanian people, God forbid.


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