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The “Baghdad Conference” proves Jordan’s ability to dispense with the Zionist entity

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publish date 2022-12-20 13:35:31

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The economic expert, Muhammad al-Bashir, confirmed in his statements to “compass“The proceedings of the second session of the Baghdad Conference for Partnership and Cooperation, which is being held today at the Dead Sea, and the participants in it from brotherly and friendly countries prove beyond any doubt that Jordan is able to dispense with dealing with the Zionist entity politically and economically, expressing his hope at the same time that the summit will produce For productive projects that serve the Jordanian market and the region.

Al-Bashir said that this summit comes as a continuation of previous summits that took place during the previous five years, and dealt with political issues related to the region or related to the world, especially after the Russian-Ukrainian war, in addition to the economic issue that all countries in the region and the world suffer from economic problems of various forms, whether It was related to the economic growth of each country or related to the terrible unemployment experienced by these countries.

Al-Bashir added: We hope a lot for the presence of some Gulf countries participating in this summit to contribute to providing what can be practically translated into productive economic projects away from cash aid, and support that does not produce job opportunities and does not lead as a result to dispensing with imports and does not contribute in one way or another to the development of relations. Brotherhood among Arab brothers.

Economist Muhammad al-Bashir: Why do we go to the Zionist entity when the funds, expertise and markets in our Arab region exist?

“As a result, we hope that any meeting will present something, but we know that external interference prevents this, and the extent of the Zionist entity’s influence on some projects,” as he put it.

Al-Bashir said: We wonder why you go to the Zionist entity when you can with existing expertise and funds, and the need of the markets in the countries that hold this meeting exist.

He concluded by saying: As a result, there is no justification for going to the Zionist entity, with all the political and economic dimensions that this means.

The launch of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership

On Tuesday, at the Dead Sea, the work of the second session of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership kicked off, at the invitation of King Abdullah II, and in coordination with French President Emmanuel Macron and Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, and in their presence.

The launch of the conference in Jordan comes based on a decision issued by the first conference held in August 2021 in Baghdad, to confirm support for Iraq, its sovereignty, security and stability, and to develop cooperation mechanisms with it in a way that enhances security and stability, and contributes to the development process in the region.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, told the Iraqi News Agency, “The conference will be held to confirm the support of the participating countries for Iraq in several files, including Iraq’s sovereignty, security and stability, support for the political process, the economic and development process and reconstruction, in a way that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people.”

And that “the conference will discuss ways to support Iraq and the efforts it is making to enhance its security and sovereignty, ensure its stability, and achieve development and prosperity for its people.”

stability and security of the region

The participants, in the first session of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, which was held on August 28, 2021, called in the final statement for the unification of regional and international efforts in a way that will reflect positively on the stability and security of the region, rejecting all types and forms of terrorism and extremist ideology, according to the “Kingdom.”

The participants acknowledged that the region faces common challenges that require dealing with them on the basis of common security and mutual interests, noting the need to unify efforts to deal with the challenges resulting from climate change and global warming.

The participants affirmed their support for the efforts of the Republic of Iraq in reconstruction, provision of services and infrastructure support, welcoming its diplomatic efforts to reach common ground with the regional and international environment.


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