The “glass hair” hairstyle is fashionable in 2023.. Find out what it is and how to get it

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Every girl wants to make her look elegant, beautiful, and look beautiful all the time, from choosing a suitable haircut on her face, to an attractive and wonderful look. There are some different hairstyles that the girl can choose from, and among those glass hair styles, which can make the girl appear perfectly, according to the “blog” website.

What is the glass hairstyle?

Glass hair is considered one of the soft and shiny hair styles, which makes the lighting reflect on it like glass, and it is usually with glass hair styles blunt hair styles, which increases the shine of the hair, and that cut is on straight and wavy hair, and of course the method of hair styling needs heat That is why women with dry or damaged hair should not choose it.

Glass hair

How to make glass hair

1- Clean your hair and use conditioner

Glass hair needs clean hair, and for this it must be washed with shampoo and conditioner to enhance its shine, by using any moisturizing and gloss-enhancing shampoo, and it must be free of sulfates, because sulfates strip the hair of natural oils, which makes the hair dry and dull, and for this reason the hair must be heavily moisturized. Make a hair mask as a weekly routine.

When showering and washing the hair, the conditioner should be left on the hair for a while and then rinsed well with cold water, which improves its shine.

2- Preparing the hair

After washing the hair, it is possible to pat the strands of hair with a microfiber towel, or with any old cotton shirt, with the use of a conditioner that leaves the hair shiny and untangles any tangles in the hair. A wide-toothed comb, or wet brush, starting from the ends of the hair from the bottom up.

3- Blowdry

Blow-dry hair easily with a large flat brush, working in small sections, making frizz less, for glassy hair.

4- Straightening the hair

A flat iron can be used to straighten hair in small sections, smoothing each strand for a smooth, glassy end result, making sure to move the flat iron, as leaving it too long in one place leads to unwanted frizz.

5 – the final touch

An anti-frizz hairspray can be used, which ensures that the glass hair lasts for a long time. A polish or oil can be applied, keeping it away from the hair roots, so as not to take on a greasy appearance.

Glass hair
Glass hair



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