Picture and information.. The village of Bani Hassan is the most fertile area in Egypt and the most famous cemetery

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Everyone, without exception, loves and reads about everything that is pharaonic and ancient because it contains some interesting elements that everyone loves to know, about the secret of the ancestors and knowing the life in which they lived, and even the places where the dead were buried to make it a place of eternal rest for them, and to know how they think and care about everything, and certainly Everyone has heard about the Bani Hassan tombs, which are located in the village of Bani Hassan in Minya, and this area is considered the most fertile area in Egypt.

The tombs consist of two parts, according to the social level of the person, an upper part and a lower part, and the lower cemetery is located on the slopes of the hills and contains approximately 800 tombs. The era of the ancient states, as for the upper cemetery, it is considered to include the elite of the people, and for this reason the tombs were luxuriously decorated, to befit their social and political level, and it includes about 39 tombs carved horizontally in the rocks of the slope.

The village of Bani Hassan, Minya

The walls of some of those tombs were decorated with beautifully illustrated scenes about daily life, such as agriculture, crafts, professions, hunting and the games they practiced, and they did not neglect even war scenes painted on the walls, and the cemetery, especially the upper one, was carved with simple tools such as chisels and hammers. The wood is skillfully and eye catching.


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