Paisley customers .. Rescue a bear after spending 20 years in a cage in a restaurant in Albania (photos)

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A bear named Mark from Albania has arrived at a wildlife reserve in Austria after spending 20 years in captivity, where he lived on a concrete floor and his teeth were broken by biting the bars, and according to what was published by the British “Daily Mail” website, Mark, a brown bear, is 20 years old. The 24-year-old is the latest of the so-called “restaurant bears” that were kept in small cages for the amusement of visitors in Tirana..

The old bear spent most of his life in a dismal 120-square-meter cage in the Albanian capital, but last week he was finally set free thanks to a campaign from an animal welfare group. Four Paws.

The 24-year-old bear had cracked teeth and was overweight after spending most of his life in the 120-square-meter dismal.  Brown bears usually live into their late twenties in the wild, but can often die younger while in captivity

Mark traveled through North Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary before finally arriving at his new home in an Austrian wildlife sanctuary. Mark now resides in a 2,500 square meter natural enclosure, with bush, trees, the opportunity to hibernate, food and proper medical care. The owners relinquished Mark with an agreement after Pressure mounted from the campaign group.

Animal welfare activists of the Four Paws animal welfare organization move the brown bear Mark from his cage at a restaurant in Tirana on December 7, ending his two decades spent entertaining restaurant guests

Mark is shown arriving at his new home.  Mark will have a 2,500 square-meter natural enclosure, with bushes, trees, the opportunity to hibernate, as well as food and medical care after traveling through seven countries to reach his new home.

When Mark arrived at a restaurant (Bear’s table) It was just a cub, said Sherk Trittin, and is estimated to have been born in 1998. There is no record of how he was originally caught.

Vets and animal experts from the Four Paws International, rescue Mark, a 24 old brown bear that will later be transported to Austria

Brown bears typically live into their late 20s in the wild, but often die younger while in captivity. After the restaurant changed hands a year ago, its new owners chose to hand over Mark and plan to dismantle his cage — to the dismay of one of their employees, the company says. Four Paws Inadequate legislation means bears and other wild animals are still at risk of being mistreated as pets or tourist attractions in Albania, where it has rescued 11 more bears.

The unconscious brown bear is pictured before he is transported on his long journey to his new home.  Leading veterinarian Julia Bohner sedated Mark before putting him into the van that will take him to the Arbesbach sanctuary.  Mark traveled through North Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary before finally reaching his new home

Experts say that across the western Balkans, the number of bears in the wild has dropped dramatically in the past two decades following habitat destruction and poaching, while Four Paws The 24-year-old bear trekked with a large file of documents to transport him across multiple national borders.


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