Know the types and forms of chandeliers according to their history.. from the Victorian era to the modern era

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The chandelier is one of the most important accessories that is considered one of the home luxuries, and despite that, if someone thinks of dispensing with one of the luxuries, the chandelier is not included in that list, as it is one of the most important distinctive things in any home with its different shapes and types of lighting, but how was the chandelier In the past, and how it evolved into its current form, and according to the site “circleoldhouseThe seventh day reviews the development of Najaf through the ages.

Victorian style

Najaf Victorian Era 1840-1900

When Queen Victoria became the Queen of England in 1837, this era was distinguished by its strength and integrity, so that it was named after her. One style, and although it was called the Victorian era, the French influence was actually stronger on the design of antique American and European lighting, and what most distinguished these lightings were the decorative rods that carried the lighting glasses, with or without crystal addition.

Najaf Victorian era
Najaf Victorian era

The Spanish Renaissance Najaf – 1910-1929

Lighting designers in this era were interested in highlighting the art of design by choosing wrought iron to form it in the form of plant leaves, especially berries, which made the chandeliers a masterpiece and not only a source of lighting.

Renaissance chandelier
Renaissance chandelier

The Art Deco era 1920-1930

This era includes the artistic movement where the blending of modern decorative art styles, whose main characteristics were derived from the various avant-garde painting styles in the early twentieth century and were incorporated into antique lighting, where gold-inlaid crystal chandeliers appeared, such as those found in palaces at the time.

Art Deco chandelier
Art Deco chandelier

Najaf in the mid-century modern era – 1940-1970

This art extended for two and a half decades, as many arts appeared in the design of chandeliers and lighting houses, and the arts were developing from time to time, and they even used to seek help from previous civilizations and develop them in colors and changing lighting methods from normal to inverted, and interest began in the formation of crystal and how to distribute it in parts Najaf.

Modern Najaf
Modern Najaf


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