How do you choose the appropriate degree of white to paint each room in your home?

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Choosing colors is a complicated matter for someone who wants to paint their house, and they may feel a lot of confusion about how to choose the right color, but whoever chooses white faces a great challenge, because he must know how to deal with it carefully to get the right color and shape for the place to be painted.

There are some factors that must be taken into account, such as whether the lighting is natural or artificial, and are there patterned backgrounds, and the white color may give a shade such as pink or yellow, and for this there are some options that can be chosen through it, according to the website.marthastewart“.

White linen colour

Whoever loves white and wants to paint his house with it, can choose the degree of linen white because this color is able to give a feeling of calm and comfort, and gives a sense of warmth without being an unpleasant yellow color, and this color can be painted for interior rooms or for external places such as the hall and the sitting room.

Linen color

pure white

The pure white color can be chosen as a pure white paint, and it is not a cold color and it is not a warm color. It is a neutral color, and it is a pure white color that makes the furniture look decent, and gives space to the place and a feeling of great comfort.

bright paint

bright paint

Color white with yellow or gray

This color is considered beautiful and wonderful because it looks very wonderful, especially if it is in artifacts that appear clearly, or put artistic paintings, with yellow or gray to look very beautiful.

Grayish paint

Grayish paint

White sea salt coating

This color is considered suitable for rooms that need some warmth. You can choose paints for old houses, which makes the look look cheerful and sparkling, but it is not clearly bright, which gives luxury and sophistication.

Sea salt paints

Sea salt paints

Warm and cool white color

This degree is very suitable for homes, and it can be used in bathrooms that contain white plumbing such as basins and bathtubs, and it can be used in the kitchen for those who want a large area with the use of tiles and white dining panels to match the color.

warm colour

warm colour


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