Find out why it is important to be a friend to your son and how to get close to him.. “Half an hour a day does the magic.”

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There are many problems that parents face with their children, such as fear, lack of trust and lying, and all of these problems and more, result from the child’s fear of his parents, especially when they are strict and their punishment when making a mistake is harsh on children, and the cause of the problem lies in the parents’ lack of friendship with their children And this is what makes children deal with them as if they are executioners and not a source of their safety. Dr. Salma Abu Al-Yazid, a mental health consultant, tells Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the solution to many children’s problems, whether at home or outside, lies in his friendship with his parents, which makes the child a balanced person. Together, he is very much a family member

How to be a friend and friend to your son?

The mental health consultant added that parental friendship increases the children’s self-confidence, and makes them not afraid of making the right decisions, in addition to that when he makes a mistake, he is not afraid of admitting the mistake, and thus he is an honest person.

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The mental health consultant confirmed that this friendship is not only about knowing what is going on in the child’s head, but rather it is a solution to many problems that the child faces throughout his life, especially the adolescence stage, which is considered one of the most difficult stages, where the child loves to exercise his freedom without Pressure, monitoring, or follow-up of a person to him, regardless of his kinship, and he always seeks to open up to society himself, but with the presence of this type of friendship, parents are the first resort for this openness, so he does not need a friend from the outside whose information is also superficial, and may lead to him Wrong decisions that could lead to harm

Raising children

Raising children

Children’s friendship with their fathers, especially when one of the parents begins to tell a problem and asks her child to help him, gives the child a sense of self-confidence, and that this charity is for both parties and not for one party.

Child's friendship with his parents

Child’s friendship with his parents

And the consultant psychiatrist stressed the need to allocate daily time, even if half an hour or at least weekly, to talk to the child and listen to him, in addition to embracing him and giving him self-confidence, and avoiding constant criticism of his actions, in addition to the need to talk to the child of the same age and not the age of the parents, so that he believes what you are doing. He does not feel that you are playing the role of advisor and guide only


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