Decor ideas and tricks to divide the room into two .. use the space smartly

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With the passage of days and the occurrence of changes, we may find many personalities who own small home spaces who want to conjure up another additional room in the house, for study or light sessions, or for clarity of mind, so the seventh day reviews during the following lines smart ideas that help you get a room without costs According to Houzz.

Shelving unit

The shelving unit is one of the easiest tricks that can be used in dividing the room, and also make sure to choose open and closed shelves, to give your room a cosmetic feel and the feeling that it is an independent and liveable unit.

Installing barriers

It is preferable that you install doors from glass partitions to attract light, so install them from floor to ceiling to blend them into the shape of your room and to appear as a luminous portal between your room spaces.

Accordion doors

Accordion doors can offer the luxury of folding your partition all the way to the wall and help save room space and partition well.

Draw the curtains

It is possible to divide your room without the need for walls by sticking to dividing the curtains.

Divide the room into two rooms
Division of the room
Division of the room
Division of rooms
Division of rooms


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