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Jordanians mourn the body of the late Laith Shubailat (witness)

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publish date 2022-12-19 14:35:37

On Monday, a large number of Jordanians participated in the funeral of the body of the prominent Jordanian dissident, former deputy and former head of the Syndicate of Engineers, Laith Shubailat, who passed away yesterday, Sunday, at the age of 80, to his final resting place in the family cemetery in the Umm Al-Hiran area in the capital, Amman, after praying for him in a mosque. Abu Aisha in the Seventh Circle.

The funeral and burial ceremonies of the late Shubailat were attended by a large number of national, party and trade union figures who recalled his positions in the Jordanian opposition.

The general observer of the Muslim Brotherhood, Eng. Abdul Hameed Al-Thunaibat, participated in the funeral ceremony, where he addressed, during a speech in the mosque, the exploits of the deceased, comforting Jordan and his family.

Al-Thunaibat said that the late Laith Al-Shubailat never hesitated to support the Jordanian national issues, and the issues of the Arab and Islamic nations, especially the Palestinian issue.

In turn, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front, Murad Al-Adaileh, praised the positions of the late Shubailat, at the local and national level, on the level of issues of the Arab and Islamic nations.

Al-Adayleh said that the deceased always stood up to corruption and did not hesitate to speak the word of truth, for the sake of his homeland, Jordan, and he was also a Palestinian Jerusalemite who supported the first Arab cause.

He added, “The late did not compliment at the expense of any Arab issue, whether in Iraq or Libya and others, and he was a title for Arab and Islamic issues.”

Shubailat was born in Amman on the 28th of October 1942.

Shubailat started his primary studies at the National College in Beirut, where his father was ambassador to Jordan during the era of Sheikh Bishara Al-Khoury and Riyadh Al-Solh, then he moved to the Islamic College in Amman for one year and the College (Terra Sancta) until 1956, when he returned to Beirut after joining the Public College and then the American University In which.

The activities of the politician Laith Shubailat were numerous. He was the first Islamic captain to reach one of the most important professional unions, the Engineers Syndicate, in 1982, before he was able to enter the Jordanian Parliament twice, in 1984 and 1989.

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