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It is likely to postpone the budget discussions…and parliamentary meetings to discuss developments

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publish date 2022-12-19 11:32:09

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Parliamentary sources suggested that the discussion of the draft general budget and government units bill for 2022, which the government submitted to Parliament recently, would be postponed.

Parliamentary sources told Al-Bawsala that the postponement of discussions on the laws of the general budget and government units came in light of the current developments in the country.

The state budget for the year 2022 comes under extremely sensitive circumstances, amid increasing deficit and indebtedness figures, which will burden the Jordanian citizen with more living burdens.

Specialized parliamentary committees meet in the House of Representatives on Monday. To discuss several issues, as the Al-Ahed Parliamentary Bloc is holding a meeting to consult on the events that Jordan is currently going through.

The Labor, Social Development and Population Committee is meeting to discuss the plan to modernize the public sector related to merging the Ministry of Labor, in addition to a draft law amending the Labor Law for the year 2020.

The country is living on the impact of protests and a strike started by truck owners and expanded to include the public transport and taxi sectors and workers on applications, in protest against the rise in fuel prices.

Politicians and economists sharply criticized the mechanism by which the government deals with the truck strike crisis and the public transport sectors, which plunged the country into a new crisis.

They warned of the danger of continuing the government’s approach to this crisis, which is expanding, especially after the comprehensive strike in the city of Ma’an, which came as a protest against the rise in fuel prices, and in solidarity with truck owners.

They considered that the patchwork solutions approved by the government would not succeed in defuse the crisis, in light of the suffering of Jordanians that has been accumulating for several years, while others suggested the resignation of the provocative government and the formation of a national salvation government that would get the country out of the crisis it is going through.

The Jordanian Strategies Forum issued its annual analysis of the public budget, through which it aims to place the 2023 budget in its social and economic context, recommending the need to reconsider current tax expenditures, and work to reduce them wherever possible, as they represent lost revenues for the government, while continuing to increase Tax collection efficiency

He said in a paper that public spending increased by a growth rate of 8.3%, noting that the number of “new” capital investment projects for the fiscal year 2023 amounted to about 199 projects.

With regard to the item of retirement and compensation of workers, he continued, that its rate constitutes about 65% of the total current expenditures. When adding what is spent on public debt interests (domestic and foreign), this percentage reaches 82% of total current expenditures.

Earlier, the government approved the 2023 budget, expecting the budget deficit after external grants to reach $2.5 billion, and inflation to reach 3.8 percent, with a real growth rate of 2.7 percent at constant prices.

Jordanian Finance Minister Muhammad Al-Ississ presented in a press conference the most prominent elements of the 2023 budget, according to which the deficit in the balance of payments as a percentage of GDP is 6.1 percent.

Regarding public revenues, Al-Ississ said that they will reach $13.5 billion, an increase of 7.4 percent over 2022, pointing out that the budget has allocated $500 million to spend on the “vision of economic modernization,” while $56 million has been allocated for the administrative reform plan.

With regard to the public debt, the Minister of Finance said that it will reach $45 billion in the next year’s budget, which constitutes about 87 percent of the gross domestic product, while the gross domestic product reached $52 billion.

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