Butterfly effect.. How do you give your hair more density in one cut?

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Many girls are looking for a haircut that they can do easily, to feel more confident and elegant, and to be suitable on the face, without significantly shortening the locks of hair. There is a haircut called butterfly hair, and to find out what it is and how it is done, you can follow the following report, according to the website.Style Caster“.

Butterfly hair cut

Butterfly hair cut is considered a polished cut that gives the impression that the hair is shorter, and it is multi-layered and takes the shape of butterfly wings, and combines long and short layers together, to create an imaginary volume, and the hair is divided into two parts, a long section and another short section, and the long layers are below and the short layers are in the top, to give extra volume.

The haircut is suitable for fine hair

The butterfly haircut is ideal for light hair, and for those who want to give the hair an extra volume, which makes the hair volume large, and the hair strands are not sacrificed and shortened, and it helps reduce entanglement between the strands because the hair is of different lengths.

Butterfly haircut

Butterfly haircut for long hair

The butterfly haircut gives volume to the tufts of hair, and it is possible to make a large layer, so the cut can be done without cutting the hair too much, while leaving the long tufts with the short tufts.

long hair

long hair

Butterfly haircut for medium length hair

This haircut makes the hair look great, the medium-length hair gives it extra volume, the shorter layers give volume and give a beautiful feminine look, and it is better to cut the upper layer up to the chin and keep the longer layer below.

Medium hair

Medium hair

Butterfly story for short hair:

For short hair, it may be useful to use the short top layer next to the face, giving the short layers an extra volume.

short hair

short hair

Butterfly Cut Design:

The butterfly haircut can be done by taking a hair clip and getting a portion of the strands and clipping them to the jawline, to create different lengths.


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