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The “Islamic Action Executive” is discussing with the administrative bodies of the party’s branches its strategic plan “2022-2026”

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publish date 2022-11-27 18:50:19

During its meeting today with members of the administrative bodies of the party’s branches in the governorates, the Executive Office of the Islamic Action Front Party discussed the party’s vision and strategic plan for the years (2022-2026) and the most prominent central projects and priorities that the party is working to implement during the next stage, while discussing the arrangements related to the founding general conference of the party, which It will be held in the coming weeks after the party has completed all the requirements to reconcile its status according to the new law for political parties.

During the meeting, they discussed the preparation of the final financial reports of the branches for the current year, the activities of the branches related to the definition of the party’s economic vision “Jordan Vision 2030”, the reality of the party’s sub-committees and central committees and branch delegates in the central committees, the parliamentary bloc’s visit program to the governorates and the reality of its work in the parliament during the last stage. .

The Secretary-General of the party, Eng. Murad al-Adaileh, stressed the need for the party’s branches to continue carrying out their duty towards society by following up on citizens’ issues and defending their rights in their areas of work, and communicating with various party, political, community and popular bodies in a way that serves the interests of the country and the citizen, with the need to devote institutional work in the party’s branches. During the meeting, a dialogue took place between members of the administrative bodies of the party’s branches and members of the executive office on various files related to the party and local affairs.

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