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863 violations were issued during the third quarter of the year

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publish date 2022-11-27 14:38:11

The report of the Ministry of Labor for the third quarter of this year showed that the total number of violations issued by the Ministry was 863.

According to the data seen by Ammon, the violations were divided as follows: The warnings according to the legal articles amounted to 504 warnings, and 57 violations related to defense orders and issued communications, while the number of warnings signed under Article (12) of the Labor Law amounted to 24, in addition to 720 violations related to inspection in accordance with the provisions of Article (12). Article (12) of the Labor Law stipulates that no non-Jordanian worker may be employed except with the approval of the Minister or whomever he authorizes, provided that the work requires experience and competence not available to Jordanian workers, or if the available number of them does not meet the need.

While the number of visited institutions reached 6030 institutions, and the number of visits by occupational safety and health engineers to working conditions amounted to 2393, while the inspection campaigns that were held during the third quarter were 7 campaigns.

On the other hand, the number of complaints and inquiries has reached 3,289, of which 2,755 have been resolved, and 97 complaints remain unsettled.

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