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We are studying the establishment of a bonded customs zone with the Palestinian side

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publish date 2022-11-26 18:39:41

Today, Saturday, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply and Minister of Labor Youssef Al-Shamali affirmed the government’s seriousness in cooperating with the private sector due to its importance in supporting the Jordanian economy and employing the Jordanian workforce.

This came during Al-Shamali’s meeting with the industrial sector, today, Saturday, in the Amman Chamber of Industry building, in the presence of the two general secretaries of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Labor, the general managers of the Social Security Corporation, the Standards and Metrology Corporation, the Civil Consumer Corporation, the Jordan Corporation for the Development of Economic Enterprises (JEDCO), the Vocational Training Corporation, and an observer. General of Companies, and Director of the Skills Development Department.

Al-Shamali explained that the Kingdom’s economic situation is stable and witnessing growth, as the fifth review of the International Monetary Fund mission was passed, which resulted in raising the Kingdom’s credit rating to (B+), indicating that the inflation rates witnessed by the Kingdom are the lowest for the countries of the region, and that the investment environment The Kingdom is attractive and there are no complications for investors.

He added that the vision of economic modernization laid down a road map for the next stage to advance and support the national economy, as the focus during the coming period will be on vocational and technical training, as 9 sectoral councils have been established, all of which are from the private sector that is able to determine its labor needs, and this leads to a reduction in unemployment rates. He expressed his hope that the percentage of Jordanian employment in factories would reach 100 percent.

With regard to the issues of industrialists at the Customs Department, Al-Shamali pointed out that there is a reform project at the Customs Department in dealing with border crossings, which will see the light soon, and works to facilitate and simplify procedures for importers and exporters, as it will include all the control agencies working at the borders under the umbrella of the Customs Department. So that there is no delay in any transaction, stressing that the costs of time and money paid at the border crossings are the lowest in the region, according to international reports.

And he indicated that the draft of the new social security law is still under the government’s jurisdiction and that some articles are being reviewed and reconsidered, stressing that Jordan is not subject to any dictates from any party whatsoever, with regard to government decisions, and that the National Industry Support Fund will have a significant impact on Supporting national exports and enhancing the competitiveness of Jordanian industries locally and abroad.

Al-Shamali pointed out that the government followed up on the delay in the entry of Jordanian trucks into the Palestinian territories, and it became clear that the reason for this was due to the fact that the Palestinian Authority had approved the port of Aqaba for its imports, which put pressure on the land ports because there were not enough Palestinian trucks to transport these goods, as the approved formula for transportation Between Jordan and Palestine is (Back2Back), where the government is studying, in coordination with the Palestinian side, the establishment of a “Bonded” customs area.

The head of the Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry, Engineer Fathi Al-Jaghbir, confirmed that this meeting is the first meeting that the Chamber will organize with ministers and officials concerned with the industrial sector in the Kingdom, to discuss issues of concern to the sector, as the Chamber will form a joint committee with the Ministry of Industry to follow up on these issues on a daily basis, to work on resolving them. In coordination with the Ministry.

He explained that increasing national industrial exports contributes to alleviating the problem of unemployment in the Kingdom, as studies indicate that increasing exports by two billion dinars can provide about 80,000 new job opportunities, which necessitates enhancing the competitiveness of national industries by reducing production costs, especially With regard to energy and transportation prices, the provision of skilled and qualified labor, and the application of reciprocity with countries that place obstacles in front of industrial exports to them.

Al-Jaghbir indicated that the partnership between the public and private sectors is reflected in meetings held with the ministers concerned with the industrial sector, which will be intensified during the coming period, and the visits of industrial delegations organized by the government with the chambers of industry contributed to increasing national exports to a number of target markets, indicating that The Export Support Fund, which was recently launched by the government, with a capital of 90 million dinars over three years, will contribute significantly to stimulating national factories to increase and diversify their exports to foreign markets.

The meeting discussed a number of issues of concern to the industrial sector, including: the necessity of reducing industrial production costs, assisting the industrial sector in financing and marketing, improving the business environment, facilitating e-government procedures, especially with regard to licensing, and continuing the decision to reduce the tax on oils, especially with the approaching month of Ramadan. Ramadan, and the activation of customs protection.

It also discussed the provision of the trained manpower needed for this sector, reducing bank interest, and focusing on government capital projects to move the economy forward, in addition to some issues related to the Ministry of Environment, and the costs of sampling for imported and exported materials.

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