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What was stated in the Audit Bureau’s report is “terrifying” and the cases must be referred to the courts

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publish date 2022-11-25 14:52:27

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Representative Saleh Al-Armouti described what was stated in the Audit Bureau’s report as terrifying, and indicates financial and administrative corruption. Unfortunately, there is no oversight, whether internal or external, or government oversight of public money.

Al-Armouti confirmed in a statement to “Al-Bawsala” that the cases mentioned in the Audit Bureau report are crimes in themselves that require criminal accountability, as there are people working in more than one ministry and receiving hundreds of thousands of salaries from each ministry, and the recommendations say that this person did not deserve the job. .

The deputy considered that the numbers revealed by the recent report of the Audit Bureau are terrifying, and reached millions of dinars, pointing to the repeated violation of regulations, laws and legislation, as well as the lack of bids and the failure to collect princely funds in billions, and the state suffers from a deficit.

Al-Armouti stressed the necessity of discussing what was stated in the report as stipulated in the constitution and the law every year, but unfortunately these reports were put in the drawers and not discussed, and we previously in the eighteenth parliament discussed the report of the Audit Bureau for some years and a number of ministers were referred to the courts.

And he indicated that the reports of the Audit Bureau for the years 2018, 2019, and 2020 are still before the parliamentary financial committees, and this is a dangerous matter. The principle is that the reports are discussed and decided upon in an urgent manner, and it is not permissible for them to lapse by statute of limitations, and it is the duties of the House of Representatives to read and discuss the reports in an urgent manner.

The deputy expressed his belief in referring a number of cases mentioned in the last report to the court, and if there are ministers related to corruption cases, then the House of Representatives has the right to refer them to trial, stressing the need to supplement and strengthen the Audit Bureau with human cadres and expertise to carry out the tasks of controlling, following up and monitoring corruption cases and financial irregularities. and administrative.

Al-Armouti explained that the most important thing is that the government does not take advantage of the absence of the House of Representatives in some sessions and decides to terminate the contract of the Director of the Audit Bureau, as the text says, “The head of the Audit Bureau may not be referred except with the approval of the House of Representatives.”

It is noteworthy that the recent report of the Audit Bureau revealed serious financial and administrative irregularities in various official departments and institutions, which sparked widespread controversy.

Politicians are calling for the need to refer everything in the Audit Bureau’s report to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, and to refer those involved as well to the judiciary, to stop the waste of public money.


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