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What the Audit Bureau revealed reflects the government’s lack of seriousness in fighting corruption

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publish date 2022-11-24 12:26:33

He denounced the signing of a “declaration of intent” agreement with the occupation to rehabilitate the Jordan River and the Dead Sea

He warned of the danger of government measures to perpetuate the concept of gender, targeting the family system in society

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In a statement issued by it, the Islamic Action Front Party confirmed that it has followed up on the abuses and assaults on public money in various state institutions with millions of dinars from budget funds, which is an indication of the widespread state of corruption in state agencies and its increase in the absence of official procedures. Serious and effective to deal with the corruption practices revealed in the report and hold the corrupt accountable.

The statement added that the violations and abuses included in the report in government institutions are a repetition of what was included in previous reports in light of the failure to take firm measures towards these abuses and violations and address them directly and not wait a full year to reveal them, which causes the exacerbation of these abuses and the continuation of what they constitute of draining public money. Despite the permanent budget deficit, it is covered by resorting to citizens’ pockets.

The party called on the House of Representatives to carry out its oversight duty and follow up on the financial and administrative abuses reported in the Audit Bureau’s report, take the necessary measures to prevent them from recurring, and fight corruption that is eating away at state institutions.

“Declaration of Intent” for the rehabilitation of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea

The party denounced the government’s signing of what it described as a “declaration of intent” agreement with the Zionist entity last week to rehabilitate and improve the environment and water system of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.

He stressed that this agreement represents a departure from the position of the Jordanian people, which rejects all forms of normalization with the occupation, and mortgages Jordan’s vital sectors to the hands of the Zionist enemy, which continues to attack Jordan’s water rights and pump thousands of cubic meters of water from the Yarmouk River that feeds the Jordan River through the so-called (Israeli national carrier). ) which caused the death of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea, according to what experts in the water sector confirm.

Anar also expressed his rejection and strong denunciation of such an agreement, which represents a practical implementation of the deal of the century on the ground, coinciding with the return of the extreme right to power in the Zionist entity. He calls on the House of Representatives to carry out its constitutional responsibilities in preventing this agreement, which comes under the title of a “declaration of intent” to circumvent The constitution, which requires that such an agreement be presented to the National Assembly, in a way that represents a challenge to the Jordanian people, disregard for the legislative authority, and a flagrant encroachment on it and on national dignity.

Incorporating the concept of “gender”

In another context, the party warned of the danger of government measures aimed at perpetuating the concept of “gender” in society within the approach of targeting the family system, the latest of which was the decision to give special preference to integrating gender into government procurement.

He stressed that these measures, which come in response to the dictates of international organizations, represent a threat to the values ​​and culture of society and target the family entity, which is the basic building block of society.


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