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“interesting” warns against preventing some mosques from performing prayers through loudspeakers

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publish date 2022-11-24 09:02:40

Compass – Amman

Representative Adnan Mashuqa denounced the cessation of raising the iqama of prayer in some mosques in the Sweileh area in the capital, Amman, saying that it is one of the rituals of God, the Blessed and Exalted, and it is not right to disrupt or stop it.

In a statement to Al-Bawsala, MP Mashuqa said that the Sunnah and the Prophet’s guidance is to deliver the sound of the call to prayer and establish prayer to the maximum possible distance, warning that preventing some mosques in Sweileh from raising the prayer to external speakers, that this applies to many mosques in the Kingdom. .

The deputy expressed his fears that this would be a step towards stopping the call to prayer, and the principle is not to remain silent on this issue, because its repercussions will be great in the future, and there must be a media dimension and a strong reaction by citizens so that it is not repeated again.

Regarding the prevention of some mosques in the Sweileh area from raising the iqama for prayer over loudspeakers, Mashuqa explained that this question must be answered by the Minister of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites.

And he indicated that the Ministry of Awqaf did not respond to individual requests by some to stop raising the call to prayer through loudspeakers, surprising the reason behind the ban in Sweileh mosques.

Representative Mashuqa had asked a question to the Minister of Awqaf, in which he asked to clarify the reasons that led to preventing some mosques in the Sweileh area in the capital, Amman, from raising the recitation of the prayer through loudspeakers.

In his question, the deputy asked for clarification of “the legal justifications adopted by the Ministry of Awqaf for approving the decision to prevent broadcasting the establishment of prayer in four mosques via external speakers in the Al-Irsal neighborhood in the Sweileh region, asking to provide him with “a copy of the inconvenience complaint submitted by the residents of the Al-Irsal neighborhood.”

And he added in the question, “Is it forbidden to broadcast the establishment of prayer and ignore the Islamic values ​​and principles in the mosques of the Kingdom in the event that the people of any region in the Kingdom submit a complaint of inconvenience, and is reminding Muslims of entering the time of prayer and establishing it considered an inconvenience?”

And he clarified about “the foundations on which broadcasting the establishment of prayer over the external speakers of these mosques was considered a nuisance, also wondering
“How does the Ministry of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites accept to describe raising the remembrance of God by broadcasting the establishment of prayer over the external speakers of mosques as a nuisance, does this matter not contradict the simplest beliefs, morals and Islamic taste?”

Mashuqa stressed that “announcing the call to prayer is one of the rituals of Islam, and that raising the call to prayer and establishing prayer through the external speakers of mosques is a frequent and stable matter since the establishment of the state in all regions of Jordan, regardless of its population density, and only secular mouthpieces that hate Islam and heavenly laws, so how can the Ministry obey Islamic endowments, affairs, and sanctities for a secular will that does not recognize or believe in Islam at the expense of an Islamic ritual.


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