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Cold weather and the kingdom is waiting for a second-rate depression

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publish date 2022-11-24 08:12:09

The Kingdom is affected by the introduction of an air depression centered in western Turkey and classified as second-class, and temperatures drop during daytime hours, God willing, to become less than their general rates by two degrees Celsius.

The weather is generally relatively cold, as clouds gradually multiply at different altitudes, and the opportunity is ripe for thunderstorms of rain in the afternoon in the north of the Kingdom (where it may be heavy at times) and parts of the central region.

The winds will be southwesterly, moderate in speed, brisk at times, causing dust in some desert areas.

As for the Gulf of Aqaba, the winds will be: northerly, light speed. As for the state of the sea and the height of the waves: light, the wave height (5-20 cm). The sea water surface temperature is: 25 degrees Celsius.

It is recommended to be aware of the possibility of the formation of torrents and the flow of valleys in parts of the northern regions.

It is also recommended to watch out for dust raised in the afternoon in desert areas.

The depression is approaching the Kingdom and is centered west of the island of Cyprus, and it is accompanied by a cold and wet air mass.

As for the night, the weather will be generally cold, with the appearance of scattered clouds, especially in the north of the Kingdom.

Clouds multiply with the late night hours, and rain is expected with the dawn and early morning hours, starting from the north of the Kingdom and perhaps some central regions.

The wind will be northwesterly, moderate in speed, brisk at times.

It is recommended to ensure the safe use of heating methods.

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