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“Intensive marketing” for Jordan during the World Cup in Qatar

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publish date 2022-11-22 08:50:29

On Monday, Director General of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat, spoke of “intensive marketing” to Jordan during the World Cup in Qatar, pointing to the Kingdom’s need to “expand the base of marketing service providers.”

Arabiyat said: “This November, we launched a marketing campaign in European countries, and during the next month it will be in the Gulf countries. tourists.”

However, he explained that “Jordan needs to expand the base of marketing service providers, whether in well-known areas or governorate areas.”

The commission is working on “a plan for the next year to cancel the monsoon season in Jordan, and for Jordan to witness tourism throughout the year, because diversity in Jordan does not exist in all parts of the world,” according to Arabiyat.

He continued, “We started marketing Jordan as a tourist destination throughout the year, and attracting a certain type of tourists through the marketing tools that we use.”

The number of tourists during the month of October of this year exceeded the number of tourists during the same period in 2019, according to Arabiyat, who considered this “an indication that there is a great demand for Jordan and the plans that are in place are bearing fruit.”

Locally, Arabiyat said, “There is an active tourist movement on all tourist sites, specifically in the city of Madaba,” as this city is “the tourism gateway to Jordan; Because it is close to the airport, especially since there is transit tourism and low-cost aviation.”

Madaba was marketed after it was declared the capital of Arab tourism, according to Arabiyat, who talked about a plan to “distribute the tourism movement to all governorates of the Kingdom,” indicating that “we took Madaba as a goal for this year by promoting digital content, and we brought many influencers to Madaba and we marketed it.” on board low-cost airlines, and this was greatly reflected in the tourist movement.”

In addition to “the activities carried out by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Promotion Authority on a weekly basis for popular and local bands and cultural events that contributed to extending the stay of tourists, and we will expand the plan during the next year to all governorates,” according to Arabiyat.

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