A TV reporter goes into a fit of hysterical laughter during a live broadcast because of an elephant. Video and photos

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Many broadcasters are exposed to funny situations while presenting news segments live, the causes of which vary between the appearance of their children in front of the camera during the closing period and working from home due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, or to other embarrassing situations due to the weather and the intensity of the air, as well as the fall of some broadcasters while they were moving inside the studio or being exposed For a funny situation with a bird or animal.

In this regard, a television reporter for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation was subjected to a funny situation that caused him to enter into a fit of hysterical laughter due to an unexpected reaction from a small elephant, as the elephant wonderfully interrupted the Kenyan reporter while he was presenting a report from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust A non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center for elephants and rhinos in Nairobi.

Shows the video shared by the TV reporter Alvin Patterson Kaunda Through his personal account on the “Instagram” site, as he stands in front of a herd of elephants to start broadcasting, and everything seems calm at first, but the matter took a quick turn when one of the elephants put his trunk on Kaunda’s shoulder, according to what was published by the “New York Post”.

Kaunda began his report saying, “It is said that charity begins at home, and for these orphaned elephants, this charity is what they call home… It is a place where they discover and learn life lessons, experience love and grapple with loss.”

The elephant flirts with the Kenyan reporter

At that time, the 4-year-old female elephant, called Kindani, moved to inspect Kaunda’s ear and the top of his head with her trunk. He laughed so hysterically that he had to stop giving the news report and put his hand over his mouth.

The viral video received more than 63,000 likes on the non-profit organization’s Instagram page, and more than 11,000 likes on the personal account of a TV reporter. KBC.

The TV reporter presents his report among the elephants
The TV reporter presents his report among the elephants

One commenter on the video wrote: “He tried so hard to stay grounded, to be fair, he did so much better than I could ever have.” “.

Although Kindani didn’t wait for Kaunda to end, his message was still very clear. “Human actions are destroying habitats, destroying our entire ecosystem and disrupting the cycle of life,” Kaunda said in the video. us to be custodians of our natural world, to save our own species and to provide a home.”

The Kenyan reporter goes into a fit of laughter because of petting the elephant
The Kenyan reporter goes into a fit of laughter because of petting the elephant


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