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The Council of Ministers approves a bill amending the Civil Status Law

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publish date 2022-11-20 17:08:14

The Council of Ministers, in its session held today, Sunday, headed by the Prime Minister, Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, approved a draft law amending the Civil Status Law for the year 2022 AD.

The draft law comes to address the imbalance in practical practices arising from changing the data contained in the civil status records. To include the impact of the judicial decision on the plaintiff, his family members, brothers, ascendants, descendants, and their children who are not represented in the case.

The Council of Ministers approved an amended system for the administrative organization of the Independent Election Commission for the year 2022 AD, in order to enable the commission to create new organizational units in it in light of the recent constitutional amendments related to the empowerment of women, and to establish an organizational unit to manage projects and follow up on international relations related to the tasks and powers assigned to the commission.

The system aims to enhance women’s political participation and enable them to participate in public life.

The Cabinet approved the Kingdom’s support for the UNICEF Declaration on (Children, Youth and Climate Action), which was recently launched within the activities of the twenty-seventh Conference of States Parties to Climate Change in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In addition, the Council of Ministers approved the recommendations of the Settlement and Reconciliation Committee, which is formed according to the principles of settling outstanding issues between taxpayers and the Income and Sales Tax Department, to settle the tax status of 542 companies and taxpayers, who have obligations in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Law and the General Sales Tax Law.

The Board also approved the recommendations of the Committee for Reviewing Outstanding Claims between Taxpayers and/or Violators, and the Jordanian Customs Department, to settle 21 cases of taxpayers and violators, provided that they commit to paying the full amounts remaining on them along with any fees, taxes or expenses within a period of two months from the date of issuance of this decision. .

On the other hand, the Council of Ministers decided to appoint Dr. Zaid Muhammad Hussein Al-Nawaisa as Secretary General of the Ministry of Government Communication.

The council also decided to refer the advisor in the prime minister, Muhammad al-Sawafin, to retirement.

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