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Handing over 6 children to alternative foster families

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publish date 2022-11-20 15:14:32

The Ministry of Social Development issued a report on the most prominent services provided by the Ministry, the National Aid Fund, the general register of its affiliated associations and institutions, the number of beneficiaries thereof, and the type of service during the month of October.

The ministry’s media spokesman, Ashraf Khreis, told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) today, Sunday, that the report showed that the ministry’s directorates provided cash assistance to 2,693 families, while 2,318 families benefited from in-kind assistance, and 8,359 studies were conducted to grant health insurance to poor families, and 82 studies were conducted for the purpose of exemption. From treatment expenses, licensing 9 nurseries, and warning 5 nurseries, as the number of requests to buy homes for poor families reached 141, receiving 50 requests for housing maintenance, and conducting 34 studies for productive families.

The report indicated that 6 children were handed over to alternative caring families, 56 requests were received for alternative caring families, and 27 studies were conducted related to the placement of children in care homes, while 32 children left, and 11 requests were received to place the elderly in elderly care homes. Enrolling them in homes for the elderly 3, and 4 studies were conducted related to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in care centers, while the departments of the directorates of nurseries, foster care, disabilities, associations, productivity promotion, and juveniles carried out 907 follow-up visits.

The Ministry’s directorates received 36 applications to establish charitable societies, and temporary administrative bodies were formed for about 32 charitable societies, while 42 societies submitted requests for support, 20 requests for granting funding for development projects for societies, warning 32 societies, and the directors of social development directorates held contracts for heads of charitable societies and public bodies 157 meetings, and 253 field visits carried out by the development directors of the municipal and decentralization councils, and 34,106 beneficiaries of the services of the directorates during the past month.

In addition, the ministry indicated that the cadres of the Anti-Beggary Directorate arrested 1,298 beggars, carried out 431 campaigns, and conducted 896 studies related to juvenile cases, as 327 juveniles entered it last October, and conducted 1,606 studies to request an exemption from work permit fees.

With regard to the registry of associations, Khreis stated that 17 associations were registered, 58 others were dissolved, while 3 associations joined the federation, 41 amended statutes for associations were approved, and 28 requests for foreign funding were approved.

According to the National Aid Fund work report for last October, the number of new families benefiting from the recurring monthly aid program reached 1,253 families, 852 new families benefited from the immediate and urgent emergency financial aid program, and 16 new families benefited from the physical rehabilitation program.


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