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Cut off water next week from Disi and Zi in these areas

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publish date 2022-11-20 09:50:34

Al Bawsala – The Ministry of Water and Irrigation – Water Authority, the Jordan Water Company, Miyahuna, and the company operating the Disi water line (Diwako) announced their intention to conduct a programmed stoppage for the purposes of periodic maintenance of the Disi water project system, followed by the second programmed stoppage of the Zai water station, which will lead to a 6-day stoppage of water pumping. Areas in Amman, Zarqa and Balqa during the maintenance period.

And she indicated that the maintenance work will include annual maintenance of the facilities of the Disi project system, in addition to rehabilitation works and installation of new equipment at the Zai station, through a project aimed at developing the operational system and improving the efficiency of water supply funded within a grant provided by the Japanese government (JICA).

She explained that this stoppage will start from Sunday morning, 11-27, until Saturday morning, 12-3.
Calling on the citizens to take the necessary precautions and precautions in the quantities of water throughout the downtime, and to understand such necessary programmed actions that aim to perpetuate the work of the water supply systems operating in the Kingdom, which are implemented during the winter period due to the low demand for water, thanking everyone for their cooperation and understanding in such matters. Conditions aimed at sustaining water facilities.

affected areas

Capital Governorate:
And it indicated that the areas that will be directly affected within the Capital Governorate are:
Shmeisani, Tabrior, Arjan, Sports City, Umm Uthaina, Rabieh, Tla’a Al-Ali, Jabal Amman, Al-Weibdeh, Prince Hassan Suburb, Al-Aqsa Suburb, Al-Istiklal Suburb, Jabal Al-Nasr, Al-Manara, Al-Marqab, Salhia Al-Abed, Al-Mughairat, Abu Sayyah Village, Wadi Villages Al-Seer, Al-Rabahiah, Um Al-Summaq, Al-Rawabi, Al-Bayader, Al-Jandawil, Al-Kursi, Khalda, Abdoun, Deir Ghbar, Sweifieh, Dabouq, Prince Rashid Suburb, Al-Rasheed Suburb, Al-Jubaiha, Shafa Badran, Abu Nusair, Sweileh, Al-Kamaliyya, Abu Alanda, Marj Al-Hamam Al-Yasmeen, Al-Bunayat, Al-Muqabil, Al-Quwaismeh, Al-Alkoumiya, Sahab, Nazha Sahab, Umm Nuwara, Al-Dhahibat, Al-Faisaliah, Al-Mustandha, Naour, Al-Abdaliya, Khashafiya Al-Dabaiba, Al-Juwaida, Khreibet Al-Souq, Jabal Al-Zohour, Al-Yadoudeh, Al-Hatmiyeh, Al-Laban (Al-Tanib, Al-Rahmaniyah Housing ), Al-Naqira, Al-Bouida, Umm Batma, Al-Haj Hassan suburb, Al-Qastal, Giza district.

Balqa Governorate:
As for the affected areas within Al-Balqa Governorate, on 1, 2/2022
Salt areas:
Al-Buhaira, Al-Buqaan, Civil Defense Zone, Sawada Al-Safli, Al-Suwaniya, Wadi Shuaib, Al-Amriya, Naqab Al-Dabbour, Wadi Al-Shajara, Al-Bateen, Al-Magharib, Al-Serw, and Al-Salt Prison.
Northern Al-Salt regions:
Al-Rmeimin, Al-Ruwaisat, Al-Wasiya, Al-Ashrafiya.
Al-Aradih District:
Maysara, Khishfa, Soumya, Aleqoon.
Ain al-Basha Brigade:
Qutayba Neighborhood, Prince Ali Neighborhood, Umm Aleeqa, Equestrian Housing, Mohandessin Housing, Al-Jeer and Al-Toub, Mobus Al-Aali.
North of Ain al-Basha:
Um Najasa, Salhoub, Al-Sulayhi, Al-Mudawra, Al-Rumman, Al-Baqa’a refugee camp (Nablus area).

  • Fuheis and Mahis areas:
    Al-Hashimiyya, Al-Rahibat District, Al-Hashimiyya Palaces, Dabouq / Khalaf Kozmo, Balad Al-Fuheis, Mahis Al-Alawi Club.

Zarqa Governorate:
Affected areas within Zarqa Governorate:
Negev housing
Teacher housing
Prince Hashem housing
Al-Fakhoura neighborhood.

It is noteworthy that the Disi water project is a project that was built on the (BOT) system, so that the company operating the project undertakes the work of operating the project, maintaining all its facilities, and conducting the necessary periodic maintenance for the purposes of ensuring the sustainability of its effectiveness efficiently throughout the year.

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