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Al-Atoum calls for improving the health and educational environment for Jordanian children on their International Day

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publish date 2022-11-20 12:08:52

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Former MP Dr. Hoda Al-Atoum demanded in her statements to “compassThe Jordanian state stressed the need to improve the health, educational and social environment for the Jordanian child, expressing its deep regret that “the Jordanian child is under pressure and is subjected to severe injustice with regard to his rights.”

Al-Atoum pointed out that the government’s last step regarding the Child Rights Law was the first to take care of the child from the perspective of the state’s care for its individuals, to improve the educational environments in our schools, and to improve the health environment in hospitals.

She pointed out that when a Jordanian child goes to hospitals, he waits to receive an integrated service for long hours, when he goes through an emergency, then a referral, then imaging, then any other procedures, and he may need days and weeks if he needs to be seen by a specialist, and therefore we say this was the first.

And Al-Atoum continued by saying: Instead of searching for the rights of the child over his parents and how he can hold his parents accountable, and these were the beginnings of the law, the Jordanian child is denied the right in fact until now, and what we see in terms of wastage of looted funds in the reports of the Audit Bureau, and what we see as cases referred to the Anti-Corruption Law Corruption and the many cases that have not been referred to any party, and the many judges that have not been revealed. The basic principle in this money is that it goes to the welfare of the Jordanian people for their needs, especially the children and youth who are the future of this country and the future of this nation.

Education and poverty problems

The educational expert, Hoda Al-Atoum, explained that the problem we are experiencing in our school curricula today, which we see as mitigating and seeks to simplify the information, and provide light information, but this is not in the interest of the student. You have a history and constants that you will not be able to continue.

Al-Atoum warned that the current battles are battles of morals, values, and battles of constants at the world level, and countries are moving towards legalizing abnormalities, atheism, and anarchy. The ability to confront it, confront it, and stand firm in its face, because what is to come is much greater than the current situation.

She also pointed to another problem faced by the children of Jordan, which is represented by the poverty that the Jordanian family lives in, to the extent that the father does not only support his family in his home, and he is forced to support his daughter who is in the house of her husband and his son who is married and has a family, from his pension and whatever income.

She explained that “the dependency ratio has become high in our Jordanian society, and the child has become unable to find the simplest things in his home, the dress in our homes has become a dilemma, heating has become a dilemma, health care has become a dilemma, going to health centers and hospitals and waiting for hours and providing you with weak service and unavailable medicines, Or you go to the private sector when it is known that everything has a price.”

She emphasized that all the difficulties that the Jordanian society faces are faced by the Jordanian child, and that they can be addressed by building a strong, solid and thoughtful personality for the Jordanian child.

She pointed out that “the educational curricula in previous periods were strong, to the extent that Syria took the basic curricula from Jordan and taught them there, despite the difference in ideology and the system of government.”

Al-Atoum pointed out that “the Jordanian curricula were a reference for the Arab countries, and our results were among the highest results, but the regression began to change the mechanisms they used, so the student was graduating from the third preparatory school and going to study, and he was graduating from high school and going to teach in schools, and they were distinguished and distinguished teachers.” “.

She expressed her deep regret that many students today graduate from the university, and find that they fail the proficiency exams held for universities.

The need for revisions

Al-Atoum called for the need to reconsider the beginnings, was our approach towards the word and the sentence correct, or should we have kept on the idea that the student reads and mastered the letter and then composed the words and sentences, and did we move towards writing in the Maghreb number, which today has become a problem in mathematics, considering that this number Arabic and in mathematics, you must start from the left, and it has become a dilemma for children that is difficult to overcome easily.

And I wondered: Is what we put forward in our schools introducing the English language in this way the right thing to do with the Arabic language in early grades?

And she continued her speech by saying: Is it true that we have taken all these steps, and we are still experimenting in many matters with the general secondary system, and we left the national exam for the third preparatory year, and the international and national results in this context are not promising.

She added, “What have we done in terms of treatment plans in the educational environments, and what have we done with regard to the teacher himself who strengthens or weakens the curriculum, and what have we done with all these directions.”

At the end of her speech, Al-Atoum called on the Jordanian state and the government to provide a comprehensive review of the system that serves children in Jordan as a whole in terms of health, education and economy, stressing that we need a real review of what we offer to two million students every morning when they go to their schools.


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