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The start of the practical exam for comprehensive students today

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publish date 2022-11-19 08:29:10

Saturday begins the practical exam for the comprehensive students of the winter session for the year 2023, which continues until Thursday 11/24/2022, according to the President of Al-Balqa Applied University Ahmed Al-Ajlouni.

Al-Ajlouni, who is the head of the Higher Committee for the Intermediate University Certificate Examination (the Comprehensive Examination), confirmed that the university “has completed the necessary procedures to hold the practical exam, which is expected to be attended by 3,728 male and female students from 51 university and intermediate university colleges supervised by Al-Balqa Applied University, distributed over 69 study programmes. according to the new study plans.

According to Al-Ajlouni, 34 practical exam centers have been approved, distributed among university colleges and national intermediate university colleges that are supervised by the university. 140 central specialized examination committees are taking part in the examination, whose membership includes 450 examiners who are teachers working in university colleges and national intermediate universities, and those with expertise and specialization from the private sector.

The total number of students who applied for the winter session for the year 2023 is 5,691 male and female students distributed in 98 majors, of whom 3,297 will take the exam for the first time, and 1,737 male and female students will apply for papers in which they did not meet the requirements for success in the previous sessions, and 468 Male and female students who have exhausted their right will take the exam with all its papers, and 189 male and female students will take the exam to raise their grades.

Al-Balqa University announced the practical exam program and the distribution of students to exam centers earlier, and any student can know the place and time of his practical exam by entering the official website of the Assessment and General Examinations Unit at Al-Balqa Applied University.

As for the theoretical exams, they will be held during the period from 7/12/2022 to 14/12/2022, and students can know their seating numbers, dates, sessions, and centers for their theoretical exams, and verify the validity of their data and the papers that they will submit for the exam by entering the official website of the Assessment and General Examinations Unit as of From next Tuesday morning.

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