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The government deliberately keeps the reports of the Audit Bureau without any real tangible impact

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publish date 2022-11-19 13:18:16

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Former MP Dr. Musa Al-Wahsh said in his statements to “compass“The government deliberately keeps the reports of the Audit Bureau and what it reveals of corruption figures and large abuses without any real accountability or follow-up or any tangible realistic impact, expressing his deep regret that the government wants to bring the Jordanian citizen to a stage of despair and frustration from the possibility of taking any real reform step in the country.

Al-Wahsh said: It is not the first time that the Audit Bureau has revealed the extent of corruption and abuses in which successive governments are involved, and through expertise and experience despite the large number of documents and evidence that come out of the Bureau’s reports, but it remains circulating between the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers, and sometimes to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission.

He pointed out that a very large number of transgressions remain in the files and drawers, and the focus is on minor violations that are later reported to have been “corrected,” adding, “But if we find something tangible on the ground after the issuance of the reports of the Audit Bureau, the citizen does not find Something like this.

Dr.. Moussa Al-Wahsh: The cases revealed by the Audit Bureau regarding corruption and abuses take a long time to reach their final stages

He expressed his regret that the cases revealed by the Audit Bureau regarding corruption and abuses in government institutions take a long time to reach their final stages, and the violation may be repeated instead of one hundred times in the place where it was proven that the abuses occurred, explaining that the path these cases pass through It takes a very long time, as the person responsible for the violation may die or retire without being held accountable due to the very slow progress of the Audit Bureau’s transactions.

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Al-Wahsh continued his speech by saying: I remember when we were in the eighteenth parliament, “I once threw at the parliament the limits of reports for seven previous years from the Audit Bureau.”

He added, “Then, when we went back to investigate and search for cases, we found that some of those involved in the transgressions in the case of one of the transgressors on land, for example, sold the land and it moved to more than one owner, and the concerned person became forgotten, and this is something shameful for the trust,” as he described it.

Corruption figures in dams and hidden hands

Concerning the large figures revealed by the Audit Bureau regarding the Al-Wala Dam, Al-Wahsh told Al-Bawsala: “I think, and this is my personal opinion, that there are some hidden hands working to keep Jordan in need of water, to justify the agreement with the Zionist enemy.”

He continued by saying: In the beginning, there was a defect in cleaning the dams from silt, so that they could take a larger capacity, and then talk about integrated maintenance to increase the level of the dam’s retention of additional quantities of water, warning that leaving this issue and not investigating it maintains a state of mistrust between citizens and governments. And that the matter is deliberate so that the citizen reaches the stage of frustration and despair from any accountability for any corrupt official in the state.

Al-Wahsh asked: We are talking about corruption and abuses in the Audit Bureau’s reports, but where is the follow-up and accountability?

He pointed out that the failure to take urgent measures against corruption cases is intentional, and the report is only to sow dust in the eyes and that the Audit Bureau works according to the rules, but in reality without any tangible effect on the ground, and very little.

Kurdish, for example

And the monster revealed in his speech to “compassAbout that, since the days of the “Kurdi case,” I asked the government at the time, after a final judicial decision was issued in the case, about recovering money for the state treasury, 180 million, so the response was that the treasury’s share would be small, which means that the money was wasted, and there were only a few dozen left. From millions, and these are responses as if they were from outside Jordan and had nothing to do with the matter.

He accused the government of being responsible for not being held accountable in cases of corruption and not recovering the looted money, saying: “There is something deliberate, unfortunately, in not being held accountable for cases of abuse and corruption.”

message to the state

Al-Wahsh said that the message is clear to the state that as long as the same approach continues and covers all corruption issues and keeps them without oversight or real accountability, there will be no reform or improvement in the country’s economic conditions.

He pointed out that the proper situation is for there to be complete independence among all authorities, and for the legislative authority to stem from the people in a real and not artificial way, adding: Unfortunately, we see that things are going in a worse direction, and we see today the manufacture of parties in the manner of test tube babies and with old personalities and faces. The very one that the people “hated” in the first place.

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And he pointed out that “if there is no independence and a real separation of powers, so that the House of Representatives takes its role in supervising governments and public money, the situation today is that the weakness of the House of Representatives makes governments take their ease in movement.”

Al-Wahsh said: If the parliament does not come to take its real role and form the government, and those who do not participate from the rest of the representatives in forming the government will be a real opposition entity to the performance of the government, we will not reach any monitoring or any improvement in the level of preserving public funds and institutions.

At the end of his speech, he asked:compassWhere is the performance oversight? When we were asking the government to sit with us as deputies every three months to hold it accountable for the budget numbers it had set, its ministers would evade and refuse to sit, and if these conditions continued in the same way, unfortunately things would turn for the worse.

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