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“Islamic Action” completes the requirements for conciliation of the party in accordance with the new law

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publish date 2022-11-19 19:41:34

The Islamic Action Front Party announced that it has completed all the requirements for reconciling the party’s status according to the new parties law, and has handed over all these requirements to the Independent Electoral Commission.

During the past days, the party finished preparing lists of members of the party’s constituent conference, including all their required data, in accordance with the new instructions of the party law and in accordance with the party’s statute, after the party’s branches conducted supplementary elections for members of the party’s general conference, where the members were distributed over all governorates of the Kingdom, with the percentage of youth and women among the members of the constituent conference. As stipulated in the new parties law.

The party is scheduled to hold its founding general conference according to the new law in the coming weeks, which will coincide with the party’s celebration of the 30th anniversary of its founding, in the presence of political, parliamentary, party, national and community figures.

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