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A ministerial session discusses the possibilities of expanding health travel to Jordan

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publish date 2022-11-19 15:50:01

On the sidelines of the Global Forum for Medical Tourism and Health Travel 2022, a dedicated ministerial session was held entitled “Expansion of Health Travel – The Way Forward after Recovery from the Corona Pandemic”, to discuss the most prominent achievements and challenges facing the sector.

The Minister of Health, Firas Al-Hawari, said during the session moderated by the President of the Private Hospitals Association, Dr. Fawzi Al-Hamouri, and the Secretary-General of the Arab Hospitals Association, Dr. Tawfiq Khoja, that the Jordanian health sector, in both its public and private parts, made great achievements during, before and after the pandemic, and contributed to strengthening Jordan’s tourism capabilities, stressing the necessity Continuing the partnership between the sector, so that Jordan continues to be at the forefront of countries in the medical sector.

Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraya confirmed that the general policy of the Ministry of Interior allows anyone to visit the Kingdom to receive treatment, pointing out that granting visas and entering Jordan is one of the easiest countries, and does not require prior approval except in some cases related to the security conditions of their countries.

Al-Faraya added that every person who needs medical care in Jordan can obtain his visa, after going through the required security procedures, which are simple procedures represented in electronic registration and obtaining approval within 48 hours, indicating that the government is continuously following up on government procedures, including granting visas and facilitating entry. The patients.

He explained that the Kingdom hosts large numbers of refugees, and that some restrictions exist to stop the increase in the number of refugees.

Minister of Tourism, Nayef Al-Fayez, stressed the importance of partnership between the public and private sectors, to highlight what distinguishes Jordan from tourist, archaeological and hospital sites, in addition to Jordanian competencies, especially doctors and hospitals.

And he indicated that Jordan is one of the countries in which recovery from bodily diseases is mixed with recreation, where all the elements of natural treatment are available from hot water rich in salts, to volcanic mud, to mild weather and picturesque nature, which made it therapeutic resorts frequented by many seekers. Recovery from various diseases.

He stressed that the ministry, as part of its strategy, seeks to position Jordan as a tourist and therapeutic destination globally and in the Arab world.

Dr. Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, said that the General Secretariat is keen to unify Arab efforts to increase the volume of investment in medical tourism, especially in the Arab region, in light of the rich resources that qualify it to become a global destination in the field of medical tourism, especially Jordan.

And she indicated that there are several countries in the region that have internationally recognized hospitals, as well as thinking about developing a unified Arab guide for medical and hospital tourism in the Arab region to enhance integration and encourage medical tourism in the Arab region, and to show the advantages enjoyed by many Arab countries to attract medical tourism seekers from different countries. Encouraging investment in the field of health to serve the Arab health sector.
The Minister of Health in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Saman Al-Baraznji, said that Jordan provided the health cadres in the region with training and rehabilitation, appreciating the efforts of the Jordanian military field hospital, which provided treatment to the people of the region.

And he indicated that the forum contributes to the discussion with Jordanian officials to enhance cooperation between Jordan and the region and joint action, to benefit from the experience of Jordanians to increase medical competencies and train various medical personnel in the region.

Dr. Salah Al-Mawajdeh, Executive Director of Al-Hikma Pharmaceutical Company, said that the pharmaceutical industries in Jordan have made great achievements and reach 70 countries around the world.

In turn, Dr. Hammouri pointed to the importance of medical tourism and health travel in enhancing national income in hard currencies, as the sector’s revenues constitute nearly 4 percent of the gross domestic product, and also contribute to creating job opportunities for Jordanians, noting that the private hospital sector occupies more than 40 thousand Most of them are skilled employees, and if we are able to increase the number of visitors to the Kingdom within the eight axes of health travel, the income generated will double over the next five years.

Al-Hamouri indicated that the organization of this forum comes in implementation of the national strategy for medical tourism and health travel aimed at strengthening Jordan’s position as an important destination for treatment and hospitalization, which was formulated in cooperation between the Association of Private Hospitals and the relevant ministries, stressing that the government has begun to pay greater attention to medical and hospital tourism.

He referred to a previous decision to form a board of trustees for health tourism headed by the Minister of Health and with the membership of the Ministers of Tourism, Interior and Foreign Affairs, the Private Hospitals Association, the Tourism Promotion Authority, health unions and other concerned parties.

Al-Hamouri demanded the need to overcome the obstacles facing the sector and reduce operational costs so that it can continue to compete regionally and globally.


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