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The start of the thirtieth conference of the educational cultural forum for private schools

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publish date 2022-11-18 20:15:00

Al-Bawsala – Under the patronage of Princess Basma bint Talal, Honorary President of the Educational Cultural Forum for Private Schools, the thirtieth conference of the Educational Cultural Forum for Private Schools, organized by the Forum in cooperation with the university, was launched at Al-Hussein Technical University today, Friday, under the title “Towards a Sustainable Educational Process”.

Princess Basma bint Talal’s representative, former Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Wajih Owais, delivered a speech at the opening of the conference, in which he stressed the importance of holding it at an important stage of reform and development in Jordan’s educational and educational process, which King Abdullah II directed.

Aweys said that the world went through four industrial revolutions that contributed to the prosperous progress of peoples, noting that the first revolution relied on the power of water vapor and chemicals to generate energy, while the second relied on the use of electricity and long-distance communications, and the third on the use of computers and Internet phones.
And he indicated that the fourth revolution was characterized by a group of technological developments and inventions and modern technology, which has become one of the most important driving forces in global societies cognitively, culturally, economically and politically.

He explained that artificial intelligence is one of the most important manifestations of modern technology, on which global spending has reached $77 billion, and is likely to reach $1 trillion in 2030, pointing out that the Arab region has begun to seek the application of artificial intelligence technology, and it has become obligatory for participating countries. Actual cooperation with various companies and economic and academic sectors, to develop human cadres capable of keeping pace with the major transformation as a result of technology.

Dr. Owais stressed that the spread of technology has resulted in a new type of job that is significantly different from the current job, which will lead to a decrease in the percentage of the labor force in simple professions, and an increase in reliance on jobs based on technology and intellectual creativity.
He considered that creative thought can only be produced through an appropriate environment that provides educated and qualified human cadres.
He called for a review of the formulation of the role of the teacher, the students, the curriculum, and the methods of teaching, learning, education and knowledge. To enable the parties to the educational equation to cope with the fourth revolution in education, as it is in industry and technology.
For her part, Wafaa Al-Shunnar, Head of the Educational Cultural Forum for Private Schools, reviewed the objectives of the forum, in which speakers from Jordan and Arab countries participate, to stand on the required and effective standards to achieve development, excellence and sustainability in all public and private education sectors, and to come up with recommendations that contribute to enabling educational institutions to Requirements for development and excellence in accordance with the requirements of global transformations and changes in these areas.
And I built that the forum includes a group of trainers within the framework of its various axes, with the aim of diversifying the experiences provided to achieve inclusiveness and integration, and to meet the different needs of male and female teachers.
And she called for employing, teaching, training and possessing new skills in the teacher, and the need to fight failure by searching for the best solutions to face changes in population, climate and others.
In turn, the President of Al-Hussein Technical University, Dr. Ismail Al-Hanti, presented the most prominent teaching methods at the university, and the techniques and tools that help students acquire the required market skills, indicating that the university cooperates with all parties with various educational goals.

He said that the university seeks to restore the assumptions of teaching and learning, and to present a different model in education. In order to enable students to work and think and provide them with new experiences and skills.
He added that the university works based on its primary role in transforming the idea of ​​the student into a competitor and an interactive learner, stressing the importance of the role of the teacher and learning in building on applied and pioneering projects, including relying on students’ abilities to learn.

The director of the “Scholars of Tomorrow” initiative, Moataz Azar, spoke about the initiative, indicating that it is a new national project that aims to motivate and reward young people in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and technology.
He said that the initiative is based on a proven concept, which was launched for the first time in Ireland more than 50 years ago, and is being implemented in Jordan in cooperation between the Ministry of Education, the Embassy of Ireland, the Crown Prince Foundation, and the Queen Rania Foundation, with the aim of promoting innovation, developing the necessary skills for students, and encouraging them to use the curriculum. Scientific studies in the physical field and the biological and social sciences outside the framework of the classroom.
The conference comes within the framework of advancing the paths of modernization in education and following up on their implementation by private and governmental educational institutions and putting them into practice.
The sessions of the conference, which is held with the participation of a number of educational institutions and lasts for two days, discuss topics on how to transform the school into a green school, motivating students towards excellence, the challenges of artificial intelligence in education, and many educational issues.

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