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3,600 cartons of chicken left Aqaba customs and were found to contain “salmonella”

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publish date 2022-11-18 14:44:02

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The latest report of the Audit Bureau for the year 2021 stated that when presenting the customs data on 8-22-2022 to the Audit Bureau, it was clear to it that it had been approved to remove the contents of the data, which contained 3,600 cartons of frozen chicken weighing 54 tons, from the Aqaba Customs Center under a customs commitment to warehouses. The merchant is in Amman, since 8-2020 and before the results of the laboratory examination appeared, although the nature of the materials (foodstuffs).

According to the report, the results of laboratory analysis of the contents of the data showed that it is unfit for human consumption because it contains “salmonella” bacteria, according to reports issued by the Aqaba Customs Laboratory (Ibn Hayyan) on 9-1-2020 and 11-23-2020.

It was also found that the concerned authorities did not follow up on these goods after the results of the laboratory examination appeared.

According to the report, it was approved to destroy the contents of the data in the Ghabawi landfill – Amman, contrary to the Customs Department Circular 1149, which includes not destroying Aqaba goods in Amman, and the Prime Minister’s emphasis on the matter.

The report said that this would lead to a loss of 27,000 dinars as revenue due to the difference in the value of the damage fees that must be collected per ton between Aqaba and Amman.

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