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A political debate about partisan work… an ongoing debate about the will of the state (photos)

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publish date 2022-11-16 19:50:25

Momani: The centrist parties will have the most representation in the upcoming elections

Adaileh: State agencies must apply the royal will to support party life.

Momani: We are not the state party, and the Jordanian state is too big to have a specific party.

Al-Nimri: This is the stage of programmatic parties that present a vision to keep pace with reality.

Amawi: The parties law was separated to incapacitate the parties, not for their convenience.

The political debate carried out by the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists within the activities of the Media Forum, which was titled “The Future of Partisan Work in Jordan,” sparked many discussions and opinions between partisan figures who represented their parties in the debate, and between male and female journalists, and both male and female parties.

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party, Murad al-Adaileh, said that the political will for reform must be accompanied by an atmosphere that recognizes the right of parties to political action, and that partisan action will not succeed without preserving public freedoms. State agencies must apply the royal will to support partisan life.

Dr. Muhammad al-Momani, a member of the National Pact Party, stated that the political modernization project is advanced and important, and its implementation indicates a real will, stressing that political modernization is a national interest for all parties in the state.

As for the member of the National Coalition Party, Mustafa Amawi, he stressed that the political will for political modernization is available, but the challenge lies in its implementation. and switch to partisan work.

The founder of the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists, Nidal Mansour, who moderated the debate, asked a number of unified questions to the speakers, and each of them was given a specific time to answer each question. Amawi – National Coalition Party, and Jamil Al-Nimri – Social Democratic Party.

In answering questions, Al-Moumni confirmed that Any arrest due to an opinion is absolutely unacceptable in principle, explaining that a distinction must be made between the right to express opinion and criticism, and transgression of the constitution and the law.

With regard to the law of parties and licensing conditions, Moumni indicated that with the number requirement in establishing parties, he said, “I think it is an important condition, and let us be realistic when the minimum number required to establish parties decreased, we witnessed the presence of more than 50 political parties, most of which are (shops).”

He added, “A party that cannot mobilize 1,000 members to establish itself from 6 governorates, and 20% of them are women, and 20% of them are young, will not be able to run in the parliamentary elections. “.

Al-Momani explained in his speech that the parties in the Jordanian state have historically faced two main problems. The first: extending beyond the borders of the homeland, and this affected the security and stability of the country. As for the second problem, it is the excess of ideology and ideology, noting that the whole world has left this square, and what is now required is that the parties address the citizens by finding solutions to their problems and the challenges they face, such as poverty and unemployment.

Al-Momani denied that the Al-Methaq party is the party of power, saying, “Saying that the state establishes a party for itself is out of the question at all, and we accuse the Al-Methaq party of being a state party, and I say it publicly.” We are not the state party, and this is an honor that we do not claim, and the Jordanian state is too big to have a specific party, as parties are formed by people and social sectors that present a program, so any party that does not have a program will be rejected by society,” explaining that any party affiliated with a specific person or group will not be written It will succeed, and people will not be convinced of it. The party that wants success must build itself politically.

Al-Momani stressed that the next criterion for judging parties is their presence in Parliament, as a party that will not win seats in Parliament will disappear, indicating that the threshold for obtaining a seat in Parliament for a party through the national list is for it to obtain 50 thousand votes, and a party that is unable to do so is not considered a party. Most parties will not have a share.

Momani said, “In my estimation, the next parliament will include 3 small left-wing parties, 4 center parties, and 3 right-wing parties. Center parties will get the most parliamentary representation.”

He added that the Pact Party is a moderate, conservative and programmatic party, explaining by saying, “We in the National Pact Party believe that it is important that electoral programs be built from the bases of the party upwards, and the most important thing is that these programs should not be theoretical and sloganeering, and we must talk about the details of specific issues such as education and transportation.” , and agriculture,” stressing that the Charter Party is cooperating with many civil society institutions to build an electoral program in a real scientific way, and if the party cannot implement the program under the dome of Parliament, the voters will remove it from it in the subsequent elections.

For his part, Murad Al-Adaileh, Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front Party, said that political modernization will not succeed in light of the exclusion of any of the parties, stressing that all university students have the right to feel their citizenship and that they are equal, and it is not permissible for a certain group of students to be allowed to practice partisan work. without others.

Al-Adayleh emphasized that the constitution permitted every citizen, male and female, to establish political parties, and the principle is that the party law should be without conditions, and in advanced democratic countries parties are notified of the establishment regardless of the number of founders, noting that in Jordan the minimum number for establishing parties in 1956 was determined by Only 7 members, and that these conditions restrict the right of citizens to establish parties.

Al-Adaileh indicated that the partisan movement now in Jordan is still witnessing official interference, and what is required is to stop interfering with work and partisan life, noting that some customary practices are still continuing, for example the margin that trade unions used to live in in the eighties they do not enjoy now.

“I think that the parties are now in a challenge because the current circumstance is more difficult, and people’s needs are the most important, and the party, whether ideological or not, is most important for it to have a clear program,” Adaileh said.

Al-Adaileh stressed that it is the right of any person to participate in a party, whether he is a minister or a deputy, but what is required is for people to see the political practice of the parties, pointing out that if the authority wants to establish a party, then it must establish it, but it must let it compete with other parties in full transparency, noting that This is an opportunity for the Jordanian state to renew its men, and everyone today is under the umbrella of the constitution and the political system, and what is required is to renew the political elite through holding real and fair elections that do not involve it.

Al-Adayleh does not see an increase in the number of parties as a problem that weakens their work. He said, “We should not be blamed for the fact that there are a large number of parties. Partisanship and the establishment of parties is a right for all, and it is a natural matter even in democratic countries.”

Adaileh stated that the Labor Front Party has a vision for the next 10 years, titled “Jordan 2030,” covering 17 sectors of the state, including health, education, economy, transportation, infrastructure, and others, explaining that the vision includes 90 strategic goals and 112 projects.

At the end of his speech, he said, “I believe that if this program is implemented, Jordan will transform within 10 years from a developing country to a country with an emerging economy, in which poverty and unemployment will be absent.”

For his part, Jamil Al-Nimri said that one of the private universities refused to hold a meeting of the Social Democratic Party within its walls, explaining that the reason may be that the universities have not yet been prepared for partisan work within them, especially since the system of partisan work in universities has not yet been issued, stressing that the meetings with young people It is available outside the walls of universities and there is no restriction on that.

Al-Nimri stressed that political life is going through a transitional phase, and we must not broadcast messages of despair to young students, and the parties must encourage and support them.

Al-Nimri added that the requirement of 1,000 members to establish the party or to correct the conditions of the parties is fundamentally wrong, but it was useful in that it created competition and positive work between the parties to reach correction, warning that there are those who believe in the creation of parties, and there are accusations of some parties that they cross about power, but the people will not accept the return of the old guard in a new partisan guise.”

Al-Nimri explained that the era of parties with sacred issues is over. This is the stage of the programmatic parties that provide a vision to keep pace with and confront reality within the ceiling of the constitution, indicating that I have no mercy on the stage in which repression and customary prevailed.

Al-Nimri indicated that the expressions of the center, the right, and the left are new expressions in the Jordanian partisan arena, but they will become prevalent later, as they are the best way to describe the parties, explaining that the Democratic Party

Social is the party of change, the new approach, and the future, stressing that the party’s vision is clear and democratic, with public freedoms guaranteed to the individual, and a civil state in which social justice prevails.

And the National Coalition Party, Mustafa saidZ. Amawi The parties law was separated to incapacitate the parties, not for their convenience; Because the party established years ago should not be required to search for its members to collect signatures, and parties that do not present programs for the parliamentary elections will disappear from the political and partisan arena.

Amawi added that in the past, there was blind interference in the work of the parties, indicating that he did not find a problem with personalities and officials joining parties as long as the ballot box was the key.

Amawi indicated that there was a struggle over leadership in the parties, believing that the existing 56 parties will collapse from about 30 to 40 parties in the coming months, and whatever the number of parties in competition with each other is determined by the program, and what it will offer to the Jordanian people.

Regarding the program of the National Coalition Party, Amawi confirmed that the party has 45 files that will focus on energy, water, health and education, noting that if the party reaches parliament, it will return to implement a law from where did you get this? Successive governments fought the parties to preserve their benefits and interests.

It is worth noting that this political debate between the parties, which was organized by the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists as part of the media forum, is the first of its kind after the approval of the outputs of the Committee for Modernizing the Political System, Amending the Laws of Election and Parties.

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