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The Egyptian Public Prosecution is conducting investigations into the death of Ashraf Telfah

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publish date 2022-11-14 23:26:55

On Monday, the Egyptian Public Prosecution office launched investigations into the death of the Jordanian artist, Ashraf Telfah.

And according to what was reported by the Egyptian “Masrawy” website, the Public Prosecution ordered an autopsy on the body of “Tilfah”, after receiving notification of his death after being informed that he had been found passed out in his residence in Giza, and that there were traces of his injury, and he was transferred to the hospital to try to treat him, and investigations are still ongoing. To find out the truth of the matter.

He said that the Public Prosecution Office had received a report from the Police Rescue stating that the supervisor of the property in which the deceased lived had seen him from the balcony of his residence lying on his face, so he informed the Rescue that in her presence and one of the relatives of the deceased was found to be in a coma, and that he was still alive, as his relative reported that he had diabetes , and that his brothers tried to contact him some time ago without him answering them, and the police did not discover at that time any mess with the contents of his house, and his friends and relatives who attended reported that all his belongings were complete without deficiency, so an ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital.

He added, with the Public Prosecution receiving the communication, I moved to the deceased’s residence to examine him, and it became clear that there were no traces of violence on his external door handle or inside the dwelling, so the Public Prosecution moved to the hospital to ask him, and it became clear that he was in the critical care unit, unconscious, and from the examination of his body I saw the presence of traces of separate injuries in him, Upon asking the specialized doctor, she reported that he was in a state of complete coma and had traces of multiple injuries, and traces of wounds and burns in separate parts of his body, and that upon signing a medical examination on him, it was revealed that he had bleeding in the brain, bloody accumulation and infiltration on the lung.

He indicated that the Public Prosecution asked a number of witnesses, who are the landlord of the deceased’s residence, his brother, and his close friend, and they did not find evidence of any criminal suspicion in his death, and that they tried to contact him before discovering that he was in a coma, and he did not answer them, and during that she received The Public Prosecution issued a notification of the death of the aforementioned on Monday morning, and moved to examine his body, and appointed the forensic doctor to conduct an autopsy on his body to explain the cause and manner of his injury, and took biological samples from him to indicate the extent to which there is evidence of a criminal suspicion in his death, and investigations are being completed to reveal the truth of the incident.

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