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Allow the Curriculum Development Center to accept aid

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publish date 2022-11-14 09:42:56

Compass – The Legislation and Opinion Bureau published a revised draft system for the system of the National Center for Curriculum Development; To comment on it before passing through the necessary legal channels.

According to the draft, the center’s financial resources consist of the allocations allocated to it in the state’s general budget, donations, grants, aid, and any funds provided to it, provided that the Council of Ministers approves it if it is from a non-Jordanian source.

Here is the draft:

Article 1 – This system is called (A modified system for the system of the system of the National Center for Curriculum Development for the year 2022) and it is read with Regulation No. (33) for the year 2017, referred to below as the original system and the amendment of a single system and it shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Article 2 – Restructuring the membership of the Council mentioned in Article (6) by canceling the items of paragraph (a) of 1-6, and replacing the proposed text:

The Center shall have a council called (the Supreme Council of the Center) consisting of a president appointed by a Royal Decree for a period of four years, subject to renewal, and eight experienced members appointed by a decision of the Prime Minister upon the recommendation of the President for a period of four years, subject to renewal, provided that the Minister of Education is among them.

Article 3 – Amending paragraph (d) of Article (7) to become:

Approving the general framework of the Jordanian curricula, the frameworks for each subject, the Jordanian books and curricula, and evidence, and referring them to the Education Council for approval.

Amending paragraph (f) of Article (7) to become:

Acceptance of donations, aid, grants, gifts and bequests if they come from a local source.

Rename paragraph (f) to become (j).

Article 4 – Adding paragraph (a) to Article (9) to read:

The president has the following powers:

Supervising the financial and administrative work of the center.

Supervising the work of the Executive Council.

C. Assigning consultants who are needed for the purpose of the center to carry out its tasks, achieve its objectives, and determine their remuneration.

Dr.. Approving the organizational structure of the center and submitting it to the council for approval.

e. Representing the Center before third parties in a manner that does not conflict with the provisions of the Law.

Article 5 – Adding Clause (3) to Paragraph (B) of Article 10, so that the item becomes:

Reviewing frameworks, textbooks, curricula and any materials after they were prepared by the authorized persons, teams or committees formed under the provisions of this bylaw and recommending them to the Council.

Amending paragraph (c) to become:

The Executive Council meets at the invitation of the Director whenever the need arises, and its meeting is legal in the presence of no less than the majority of its members, and it takes its decisions with the majority of its members at least.

Article 6 – Amending paragraph (b) of Article (11) to become:

The Director shall have the following duties and powers:

Implementation of the general policy approved by the Council and the decisions issued by it.

Collection of the center’s funds, which is the order of disbursement in accordance with the annual budget and the decisions of the Council and the President.

Supervising the center and its executive body.

Preparing the center’s annual budget draft and its final statements and submitting them to the Council for approval.

Preparing the annual report of the Center and submitting it to the Council for approval.

Any other tasks assigned by the Board or the Chairman.

Article 7 – Adding Paragraph (A) to Article (12), so that Article becomes:

The financial resources of the center consist of the following:

The allocations allocated to him in the general budget of the state.

Donations, grants, aid, and any money presented to him, provided that the Cabinet approves them if they are from a non-Jordanian source.

Revenues of training courses and fees for services provided by the center.

The Council, at the request of the Minister of Education, exempts the Ministry from paying the allowances for the participation of its employees in training courses or services provided by the center.

Article 8 – Amending paragraph (b) of Article (13) to become:

The president and members of the council do not receive any remuneration or allowance, whatever their name or type, for their membership in the council.”

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