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A state of mystery surrounds Villa “Carpina” in Italy, which has been turned into a museum to display the belongings of the Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, and the owners of this palace in the Emilia-Romagna region, which is located in northeastern Italy, say that there is also a strong chance to meet Mussolini’s ghost. The museum is haunted by many ghosts from the Mussolini family, including the late Italian leader himself, according to CNN Arabic.

Villa Carpina includes all kinds of personal belongings and artworks belonging to the Mussolini family, as it was a rural retreat for them, and the distinctive yellow palace, also known as “The House of Memories” Any “house of memories”, attracts history buffs and seekers of horror experiences.

Villa Carbina

The villa was bought by an Italian businessman in 2000, and the new owners of the mansion and other invited guests claim to have lived through supernatural experiences and events, some of which have been seen and documented by a self-described Ghostbusters team..

Domenico Morosini, the current owner of Villa “Carpina” with his wife Adele, confirmed that the place is vibrant thanks to the presence of the Mussolini family’s ghosts, and adds: “They are all still here, we can feel their presence, they are constantly watching us.”

Morosini explains that there is mutual respect between him and these ghosts, stressing that he and his wife do not want to disturb these spirits, and he continues, “Therefore, I avoid entering the villa when evening comes.”

The bedroom of one of Mussolini's children
The bedroom of one of Mussolini’s children

The Morosini couple, who live in a new building adjacent to the palace, have spent many years on a global hunt tracing and recovering the lost original pieces that were once owned by the Mussolini family, which they used to furnish the villa.

In recent years, the Italian interest in Mussolini, who controlled his country from 1922 to 1943, until Italy’s failures in World War II led to his ouster and arrest, and while many continue to condemn his fascist legacy, remains an iconic figure, both positively. and passive.

After he bought one of Mussolini’s historic uniforms at auction in the United States, Morosini returned the outfit to the palace, leaving it on the bed that Mussolini once shared with his wife, Donna Rachel, the same bed in which the latter had seen her death.

Villa Carbina
Villa Carbina

Morosini recalls that moment: “On that day, there was a psychic with us and he felt sick, and had to sit down whispering: He’s here.” Immediately afterwards, a dark shadow of Mussolini’s face appeared in the bedroom dressing-table mirror, and has been there since Then, as if it were printed on the mirror glass, not just a reflection.”

Tourists are invited on guided tours of the villa to glimpse the mysterious face in the mirror, as well as get a glimpse of the distinctive square jaw, high forehead and prominent nose of the notorious dictator, who was executed while trying to flee the country with his mistress during the closing days of World War II in 1945..

The owner of the villa claims that a dark shadow of Mussolini appears in this mirror
The owner of the villa claims that a dark shadow of Mussolini appears in this mirror

Morosini says he witnessed other terrifying paranormal events, such as hearing strong winds blowing inside the villa during the day, and the sounds of footsteps along the palace corridors, and after the war, Rachel, Mussolini’s wife, and many of her children lived in the villa for decades, after they returned from their exile on Ischia Island.

Morosini purchased the palace from one of Mussolini’s sons, and renovated it extensively using antique furniture and décor. He has his own studio, as well as many lavish gifts he received during his reign.


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