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Many of us may feel some responsibility to bring about a change in the morals of society, and take some serious initiatives that make a difference, especially in education. Or the villages in which the person lives.

There are some ideas that can be done to educate children who are not yet in school, according to thebetterindia website.

1 – Starting a classroom in the living room

You can start with the children in the area in which you live, if the person has some time to give the children some education, and this does not need much, education can be started with a curriculum appropriate to the age of the children to give them free education, and the matter can be enlarged and encouraged to join and help the neighbors to get an education It is sufficient, and children can be made superior by reviewing the lessons they take in school.

2 – Start a library with old books

Old books can be collected from neighbors, friends, family and colleagues, you can put a post on Facebook to ask the person the books he needs, go to the area where the children are, make a kiosk like the library and put books and make the children browse what they need from the books, with the children asking about the books that they should Bring it to them next time.

3- Preparing a small unit to teach children skills

If a lady has some time and can teach young girls in the area various skills such as knitting and sewing for free, as a voluntary work, with education on some other skills such as how to deal with the computer, what benefits the community from this great work.

4- Organizing an outdoor sport with children

Some young people may like to volunteer in teaching children to do some sports skills, such as football, basketball and various sports that can be done, in their spare time or every weekend, and parents of children can be involved to build a good feeling between parents and children.

Teaching for children

Children's education
Children’s education

learning difficulty
learning difficulty


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