On the day of singles..if we are still going to get married until now, what is the reason why?

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Some may be surprised when they reach the stage of their thirties, that they did not find a suitable life partner, unlike their friends who succeeded in forming a small stable family, which makes them feel sad, frustrated and hopeless about finding a life partner, but there are different reasons for not finding a life partner. It is appropriate, which we review in this report, on the occasion of the day of celibacy or “Singles DayAccording to the website,goodmenproject“.

Reasons for not finding a suitable life partner

Refuse to open your heart

Some may go through a failed love experience that makes them feel frustrated and refuse to repeat the experience again, so as not to live the same suffering, so they refuse to open their hearts to other people.

Reasons for not finding a life partner

I am busy

Of course, the single person wants to find a suitable life partner, but he does not have enough time to help him find him, because he is busy all the time at work and hang out with friends on the weekends and takes care of his family.

role on specific traits

One of the reasons for the failure to find a suitable life partner is the person’s search for a life partner with specific qualities that may not be available in many people, so he keeps dreaming and looking all the time for the partner he drew in his imagination.


adopting false beliefs

A person may adopt some false beliefs that make him unable to find a suitable life partner, including his belief that he does not deserve to be loved, and that he is rejected by everyone, because he does not have enough beauty and attractiveness or that he always has bad luck in love and other wrong beliefs that Make him celibate for a long time.

Enjoy the freedom
Enjoy the freedom

Sending wrong signals

Sometimes, some people may send signals to others that they do not match him in personal traits and interests, or that they are already busy with a lover causing incompatibility and getting a suitable life partner.


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