British Airways allows its male crew to wear make-up and wear earrings

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British Airways has allowed male pilots and the rest of the cabin crew to wear earrings and put on makeup for the first time, after the airline updated its guidelines with non-gender rules.

An internal memo to employees said all uniformed wearers can wear mascara, false eyelashes and earrings from Monday, as well as carry accessories including handbags.


She urged employees to use “subtle shades” of makeup and strive for a “natural look”. It will also allow nail polishes for everyone, although black and neon nails are still prohibited.

“Man buns” will also be allowed under updated hair care rules. The British company is following similar moves by its competitors, notably Virgin Atlantic, to modernize its policies to reflect the diversity of modern society.

It is also believed that the British transport company is trying to update its image to reflect its “originally British” brand campaign, which it says is a celebration of the company’s employees, its customers and the nation, as it hopes to raise employee morale after the layoffs and wage cuts imposed during the Corona pandemic.


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