Body language signs that confirm the other person’s happiness in meeting you.. from the eye to the feet

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We communicate on a daily basis with many people, whether they are co-workers, friends or relatives, and whatever the purpose of this communication process, we want to know the feelings of the other party, and is he really happy to meet us and deal with us or not? Does he compliment us and show us that he is happy to communicate with us, and that he does not feel this happiness from within? And during the next report, we address signals in body language that help you know the truth of feeling, according to Mohamed Hassan, a body language expert.

His face melts when he sees you

You notice on his face real happiness that quickly appears in the form of a sincere smile that honestly expresses his joy and happiness in meeting you, and this smile does not disappear quickly from his face, but rather lasts for a longer period. If he’s smiling at you just out of courtesy.


You may find him rushing to hug you as an expression that he has been desperate to meet you for a while. Meeting you is fake, but if this hug is long and he pats you on the back with his hand, know that it is a sign that expresses his desire to end the hug.

The barriers between you disappear

You will notice on him as soon as you sit down that he does not put defensive barriers between him and you, for example, he does not put his work bag between him and you, but rather he will put it next to him, and you will not find him extending his hands in front of him interlaced between his fingers, and also he will not square his hands on his chest as soon as he sits in front of you.

Focus on his feet

If you see his feet while he is sitting in front of you, focus on several signs, as soon as he sits in front of you, if his feet are in their normal position moderately while sitting, and if he raises his instep from time to time while he hears you, he is really happy to meet you and happy with what he hears from you, if he directs his feet or One of them is in another direction away from you, then know that he has lost interest in you, or in the subject you are talking to him in, and if the direction of his feet or one of them is in the direction of the door, know that he wants to leave, if he interlaced his feet together and resting each of them on its side, notice whether it appears on his features Fatigue or not? If he is really tired, it is a normal sign, but if he does not suffer from exhaustion and crosses his feet as soon as he sits in front of you, know that he is not happy to meet you and that he has a big difference with you. He may also want to show you the controlling side that lies within him.

direct view

If he is really happy to meet you, you will notice that he visually communicates directly with you with a direct look through which you feel his happiness and comfort in dealing with you, his eyes will not run away from you much while exchanging looks with him, and you will not go to the ground, if he is really happy to meet you.

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body language cues
body language cues
Reality of cuddling
Reality of cuddling


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