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Controlling the amount of unlicensed athlete food

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publish date 2022-11-11 09:43:07

The control and inspection teams of the Food and Drug Authority, in cooperation with the relevant security services, raided two sports centers in Amman.

And the Director General of the Foundation, Prof. Dr. Nizar Mahmoud Mahidat, indicated in a press statement that the control and inspection teams of the Foundation closed the two aforementioned centers and reserved a quantity of food products bearing medical claims to build the body and food for athletes that did not have a fundamentalist license by the Foundation.

Muhaidat added that the institution has begun to take the necessary procedures in the fundamentals against those in charge of the two centers, noting that the specialized control and inspection teams in the institution carry out periodic inspection tours to ensure the circulation of nutritional supplements and approved and safe athletes’ food.

It is reported that the specialized technical committees in the institution in the Special Use Food and Athlete Food Department work to approve and license athletes food products after studying their components and the prescribed daily dose and checking the statement card that includes the method of use, allegations and the most important warnings in accordance with the approved bases for their approval, classification and registration as well as follow-up and control of their circulation, manufacture and import to ensure The safety of these foods and the preservation of the health and safety of the groups used for them.

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