Al-Armouti calls on the government to stop restricting the “Islamic Action Leaders” and parties

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publish date 2022-11-10 12:57:54

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Representative of the College of Islah, Saleh al-Armouti, asked the government to put an end to the harassment of leaders and members of the Islamic Action Front, some parties and citizens, especially at airports and border crossings, and the material and moral damage it causes.

Al-Armouti said in his question that arrived:compassA copy of it: Does the government intend, in light of political development, party life, and parliamentary governments, to put an end to the harassment of members and leaders of the Islamic Action Front and other parties?

He pointed out that “at airports and border crossings and waiting at the borders for long periods, which leads to delaying their travel and detaining some of them for hours before allowing them to travel and seizing some of them’ passports. Morale and morale are missed, and job opportunities outside the country are missed. Cell phones and personal computers are searched, and some of them are detained.”

He wondered: Does the government intend to ask the security authorities to stop the summons without justification or legal reason, especially for party members for investigation?

Al-Armouti said in his question: Why prevents the Islamic Action Front party from holding public national events and activities and prevents it from using the state’s public facilities to conduct its activities while allowing others to use these facilities.

He added, why did the government prevent the establishment of a sit-in near the British embassy, ​​which was called for by the National Forum to Support the Resistance and Protect the Homeland on the occasion of the unjust Balfour Declaration anniversary.

Al-Armouti continued: Why is it not allowed to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday in the Roman amphitheater, an occasion dear to the heart of every Jordanian, while parties and festivals are allowed to be held there?

Al-Armouti said: Does the government intend to stop these measures that contradict the most basic human rights rules?

He mocked the continued violation of the most basic human rights in Jordan by saying: Does the government know that Article (7) of the Constitution states: 1- Personal freedom is inviolable 2- Every attack on the rights and public freedoms or the sanctity of the private life of Jordanians is a crime punishable by law.

He concluded his question by saying: Does the government know that Jordanians have the right to address public authorities on personal matters and matters related to public affairs based on the provisions of Article (17), so why does the government not provide an environment for political life in word and deed?


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