Protect your planet.. 4 simple and eco-friendly ideas to go to work every day

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The world is now seeking to save energy and preserve the environment, from climate changes and expected to occur with the continuation of pollution, and this makes many seek to be environmentally friendly, in their tools, products, and dealing with them, and among the wrong actions that we do on a daily basis is to go to work through Adopting wrong ways that cause environmental pollution, such as riding a car, which can be replaced by some of the environmentally friendly methods that we review in this report, according to the website.greenerideal” As follows:


go cycling

Cycling and going to work is a convenient and environmentally friendly way, as it reduces the expenses paid on fuel, in addition, the person gets a daily dose of exercise that helps him to maintain his fitness and health, burn calories and lose excess weight.

riding a calf
Bike riding


Motorcycles are a lot less polluting than cars, which means you can ride the same distance as a car, and you get a lot less fuel, and that means lower carbon emissions too, in addition to reducing the time you spend commuting to and from work each day. , compared to a car.


car sharing

If you can collaborate with a few co-workers who are also looking to split effort and petrol prices on getting to and from work, by sharing driving duties, rather than having each employee drive a car alone, that cuts costs in half by Taking turns driving to work and also easing congestion on the road.

car sharing
car sharing

Use of public transportation

Taking a taxi or renting a car to work every day will cost you a lot, or if not more than your regular car, one way to cut back on spending is to use public transportation, which is a green way to get to and from work, whether it’s a bus or microbus, or Subway, or train, your trip will also be in someone else’s hands to reduce your stress levels and give you time to read a book or newspaper on your way to and from work, or the possibility of preparing for a meeting you will be attending.

Public Transport
Public Transport


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